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EZ Exotic Car Rental

American Dream Roleplay


MADE BY AND FOUNDED BY; Eric Shunh A.K.A ShowkeenJatt#5933


What is EZ Exotic car rentals?


EZ Exotic Car rentals is a exotic car rental company as well as an adventure tour company! We will offer many services to the great citizens of San Andreas! We will have skilled workers who will strive to provide a great experience to many clients and help those who would like to just test drive the exotic they want before purchasing or just having a great time for a day or two! We will also host great adventure drives through the state of San Andreas and let players unleash their great vehicles! Here will be the services we will offer:


  • Exotic car rentals

  • Track day events

  • Adventure drives through the state of San Andreas


Rank system For EZ exotic Car Rentals


We will have multiple ranks for our company. We will also be employing lots of citizens of the great state of San Andreas. Some of these roles have already been filled but we will begin to hire in the #service-advertisements channel!

Here are our ranks and starting employees as well as their responsibilities:


CEO- The chief executive officer, will control the company, in charge of hiring and finances as-well as being involved with the day to day operations of the business. Also will make crucial decisions pertaining to running the business.


Person filling this position: Eric Shunh, Discord: ShowkeenJatt#5933


COO- Will be in charge of making sure that day-to-day operations will be running smoothly. Will also make sure that tasks are being completed on time and with efficiency.


Person filling this position: Currently Open


Marketing Manager- Very crucial to the business, will be in charge of advertising the business and growing our Exotic rental company as well as getting clients and managing client relations.


Person filling this position: Currently Open


CFO- Chief Financial officer will be in charge of managing client accounts as well as rental monies owed/ paid. They will be in charge of accounting for business expenses and revenue.


Person filling this position: Currently Open


Renters/Cashiers - will be in charge of giving the rentals to the citizens of San Andreas.Will be in charge of getting clients information and getting the vehicle information as well as the deposit. logging check-ins to ensure the payments are being received to the company

Person filling this position: Currently open


These Roles can be subject to change, any suggestions you guys have i will be happy to accommodate!


Our Origins!


EZ Exotic Car Rentals was founded back in Las Venturas in 2004.It was started by the one and only Eric Shunh Sr. , when Mr.Shunh passed away in 2008 after just a short span of the company being open for 4 years, his son Erich Shunh Jr III took over the business.But alas, the dark days were far from over at the company. As the recession hit in 2008, the company took a hard hit and sadly filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in 2011.However when Eric Jr. visited Los Santos in 2019, he saw a very lucrative market in LS for exotic car rentals, jumping at the opportunity, Eric wants to start up his business back up in LS to make his father's dream come true, for his one and only son to become successful!


Roleplay scenarios!


  1. A prospective client comes to the agency and requests for a Lamborghini Huracan for 1 day (1-2 hours). He then proceeds to give his ID and a background check as well as a deposit on the vehicle is collected. After this if the clients rental is approved, depending on their insurance we would make them sign some paperwork, as well as get other information, (any Addresses, Phone numbers, Etc.) then we would give them the keys and check up on them in the middle of the rental. We would then get the vehicle back, collect the rental fee and release the deposit.


In this scenario the roleplay would be very immersive, the Client would really feel an excitement as they would drive away in the exotic.The agent would be very professional and stay in RP at all times. We would maintain realism but try not to make it boring for everyone involved!


2. In this RP scenario someone has requested to bring their Audi RS7 on our adventure drives.The client would request one of our employees to the location and we would dispatch someone.Then the person would walk in get all the details from the person, (any Addresses, Phone numbers, Etc.). We would then inspect the vehicle to ensure it is safe. We would then collect an admission fee into the adventure drive. The client would then drive with us all around the state!


During this scenario the RP would once again be immersive, serious and yet fun. It would give the people real tests and more of a realistic roleplay experience!


3. A client has requested to take a skyline on the trackday. We would then dispatch someone to give the vehicle.Then the employee would walk in get all the details from the person, (any Addresses, Phone numbers, Etc.). He would then collect a deposit and would get the paperwork signed, the vehicle would then be released to the customer to enjoy on the track!


During this roleplay the main objective would be to provide lots of very good roleplay to the renter, owners of the vehicles and everyone involved in the trackday. The renter would enjoy their vehicle!

4. A client rents out a Ferrari 812 for 2 days (2-3 hours).He then proceeds to get into a 10-80 and wrecks the vehicle.We would then dispatch an employee to go and collect the vehicle as well as assess the damage to see whether it is a total loss. We would then decide to repair or sell the vehicle to someone, to regenerate the money.


During this roleplay it would be very important to include everyone in this fun and very immersive roleplay, it could make for some very interesting roleplay as everyone would have to keep a cool head while working on the case.


How Will We Generate Revenue?


EZ exotic car rental will make money in a various amount of ways.For one, we would take deposits on all vehicles we give out to people. (the deposit will be determined on inflation and other factors). We will also be collecting a rental fee as well as under age fees and other things.Not only this, we will many advertisements for people and companies who will pay us royalties. These are just some of the ways we will make revenue from our business!


Potential Employees


Tyree Binkleberk, Discord: Lilpumpooh

Tyler Huss, Discord; Justa6


Where our office potentially could be located


We were hoping to potentially get our offices located at the Arcadius Business center in downtown Los Santos. We will also accommodate any other locations you guys can offer! We also were wondering if we could get an impound underneath in the garage to store rental vehicles!

Image result for arcadius business center

Why this Business would be successful in the server!


This business would be very successful in the server for many reasons.For one, when I was in the server sometimes i would ask for a rental car and had no one to give me one, I also see people in the chat everyday asking for a test drive for cars they want to buy, that is why i think this business would be so successful in the server.Also it would create some great immersive roleplay for employees,dealers,RP’ers and everyone involved.


Thank you for reading my business proposition, I really appreciate it! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.Before denying if i can change anything to fix it let me know and I will fix it immediately!


-Eric Shunh



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