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Luke Cruise

The Marcello Family Application

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The Marcello Family



                          Grand Father: Giovanni Marcello

                          Father: Fabio Marcello


  Future Marcello’s,

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this handbook and we are looking forward to having you in the family.

Within this handbook will be all the information necessary for you to complete your initiation and responsibilities to the family.

Everyone joining the family should read this handbook at least twice to give yourself the most information, depth and understanding of what is expected of you within the Marcello Family and any aspects you are unsure about you should ask a Brother or higher for clarification as soon as possible!



Grandfather Giovanni Marcello



The Marcello Family origins


The Marcello Family was first founded by Sylvester Marcello. However he was killed somewhere in South LS. Giovanni Marcello, who was supposed to be a member of The Marcello Family, got very sad about this and decided to take over the gang in the memory of Sylvester.


Sylvester and Giovanni go long back. They were cousins and lived on the same street in a ghetto in south/central Italy outside of Neapel. They were together a lot at a young age and it wasn’t long before they started with small crimes such as stealing from stores etc. Giovanni’s brother Fabio Marcello was also involved in this and the three of them were great friends. Fabio Marcello is now co-leader of the mafia. At around the age of 20 they started getting heavily involved in drug trafficking and helping out the local Mafia.


Giovanni got a little bit greedy and decided that he would steal some money and drugs from the Mafia. This was a big mistake though as the mafia kept very good track of their stuff. Giovanni and his whole family had to flee the country and decided to go to Russia. However Giovanni messed up big time again. He had tried to smuggle the drugs and money to Russia and he got arrested when going through airport security. He was sentenced to around 10 years in prison in Russia, hence his russian accent. It was a very harsh environment and he picked up a lot of skills in there such as fighting and making friends. His family didn’t wait for him and they decided to move to america to try and achieve the american dream. After this incident Giovanni also got a lot smarter.


It didn’t go so well for the Marcellos in america. No one wanted to recruit them. They decided to become fisherman but they quickly got bored and they couldn’t be bothered with the horrible stink of fish and the bad working conditions. They decided to try some of the illegal activities such as drug trafficking like they had done in Italy, but it was different in america. They could spend countless hours harvesting f.eg. coke only to have it taken away by some gang members that think they run the city.


The Marcellos hated being treated this way and they got furious. They started robbing stores to get money but this was risky and they realized it wasn’t worth it. Sylvester Marcello decided he was going to make a mafia so that they would be respected in San Andreas. He called this mafia The Marcello Family. In the process of him making the mafia he got killed by The Vagos somewhere in south Los Santos when selling drugs. At this time Giovanni had just came to america after being released from Russia. Giovanni got furious and decided after about a month to continue the mafia to get revenge.


The Marcello Family is currently making allies around the state to gain popularity and respect. The Marcello Family is most about drugs, trafficking and robberies. We do not rob people who don’t deserve it and we treat most people with respect ESPECIALLY other gangs. We are not just some half-serious street gang like many gangs in the city. We are a formal Mafia. We are a family. We dress formally, we drive our blacked out cars in when in a big group and we are different from any other gang we have met in the city. We are all about good roleplay and we want to contribute to making the server a better place for everyone.

Marcello Rank’s

A Brief Overview of the Marcello Ranks. There is one Grandfather and one Father (leader and co-leader). There are 2-3 brothers. These three ranks are the Marcello ranks and people with these ranks are family related. The highest rank a non-marcello can reach is Capitano. Under Capitano are soldier and associate. Anyone can reach these lower three ranks.



The leader of the Marcello Family is known at the Grandfather. The Grandfather makes all the major decisions and he holds all of the funds for the family. His authority is above all and sets all the rules of the family. The grandfather can recruit and promote anyone.


Just beneath the Grandfather is the Father. The Father is the second-in-command he will help make any major decisions in the family, collect the tribute to be given to the Grandfather and issue punishment to the member’s who violate our rules. The Grandfather and Father rule together and will make decisions together. However if they do not agree after discussing it the Grandfather will have final call. Upon the death of the Grandfather the Father will take over. The father can recruit associates but he can’t promote.


The position under Father is Brother. Brothers also have the last name Marcello. The Brother advises the Father and the Grandfather and has a huge impact on the family. The Brother makes sure that the Capitano sees so that everyone follow the rules. The brother makes decisions that the Capitano will make sure that Soldatos and Associates follow.


Just below the Brothers are the Capitanos. The number of Capitanos we allow depends on the overall size of the Family. The Capitano acts kind of as a sergeant. He keeps track that everyone does their job and keeps everyone in order. The capitano is the person that will be around the soldiers and associates the most. The Capitano is usually the highest rank field worker. The ranks above mostly make decisions and paperwork. Capitano is the highest rank that pretty much anyone will be able to reach.



Below the Capo's are the soldiers often referred to as Made-men in Family Terms. Made-Men are those who ultimately are the enforcers of the Family who have proven themselves and command respect from the city. Soldier’s are the lowest rank in our family. Soldatos are fieldworkers and are usually the ones getting caught by police. They will be giving a certain percentage of their income to a Brother or higher. You become a soldato by proving yourself firstly as an associate.



Our Family also use Associates in our organization. Keep in mind even though they are given a tag in-game they are not actually members of the Family but are people involved in the criminal enterprise, or attempting to become a Marcello. They are often drug-dealers, burglars or assassins who are on the payroll. An associate is paid based off the amount of work they provide to the Family. Associates will never say that they are with The Marcello Family when rolling alone. When they are not with a soldato or higher then they will basically not be a part of the family.


Marcello Rules


Our rule's are clearly posted in the Hand-Book and the link was provided above!! Read the hand-book because if you break any of the rule's you will be removed without warning during your thirty-day trial period. Our family is strict role-play and MUST remain civil at all times, so make sure you check back once every few day's on handbook as we may have updated it!!!!

  1. "Omerta" - is our oath or "code of silent", we never talk to the authorities or members outside the Organization!

  2. "Family Secrets" - members are not allowed to talk about the family business to non-members, it is terms for Death. (Upon joining the Family you agree to role-play Permit Death if you Violate this rule, and it's discovered you broke it!)

  3. "Blood for Blood" - if a member is killed by another gang or citizen, no one can commit revenge or murder unless it's authorized by the Grandfather.

  4. "Fighting" - If you have a dispute among a fellow member, you will not fight each-other we are family act like one!

  5. "Tribute" - We require tribute for all income made on illegal job's, it must be paid to the Grandfather or Father. The tribute will be used to purchase weapons, shops, warehouse, vehicles, etc for the family. The tribute is 10-25% of the total income made during illegal jobs. Anyone found shorting the family will be dealt with by death.

  6. "Facial Hair" - All members must remain neatly trimmed, no messy looking hair or bears, we are business people act like one!

  7. "Inactivity" Members who do no actively participate in our Family activities will receive two warnings, furthermore, in-activity will result in being kicked from family.

  8. If you have the last name Marcello you will be killed if you are not Brother or higher.

  9. "Meetings" - Members must attend one meeting a month, anyone who does not make a meeting will get one-point after four point's meaning you missed four meetings in a row you will be removed from the family. There are exceptions if you discuss it with the Grandfather before hand.

  10. Gang War's are not to be declared unless it is allowed by the Grandfather!

  11. Noone in the mafia shall start beef with other families or gang. If asked to leave an area respect that request and bring it to the Brother or higher to investigate later.

  12. Follow our uniform and vehicle structure!

  13. You may not rob honest workers, this includes any job that is legal. Anyone who robs a citizen conducting a legal job will be warned. This excludes if the person is disrespecting the family.

  14. All members should do the job assigned to them. If they are unhappy then it can be discussed with the Grandfather. Anyone who doesn’t do their job will be warned.

  15. We will always try to make a good impression to all the citizens of San Andreas. Never do anything stupid to upset someone else.

  16. Behave yourself and don’t think that you can do anything just because you are part of a gang. You will respect (all) citizens of San Andreas ESPECIALLY other gangs unless permitted otherwise. Other people we meet in-game are fellow roleplayers and shall be treated as such.


                                                                                                                                    Marcello Job’s

The jobs are the general role of members in the family. They are not restricted to only these jobs but they will need to have permission from brother or higher if they want to do something else.


A Robber attempts to obtain money or property from another person, normally using intimidation or force. They are also professionals in robbing stores and banks when given permission by Father or higher.


Narcotic Farmer

A Narcotic farmer is in-charge of farming drugs and handing the drug to the Narcotics Distributors.

Narcotic Distributors

A Narcotic Distributors is in-charge of processing drugs, and selling the drugs to locals or citizens of the city. Once they get the dirty money they will deliver the dirty money to the Capo’s or higher.


The diplomat handles all legal matters of the family: They mainly go out to meet with the other gangs, set rules for alliances and declare war. This is the only job allowed to declare wars, make cease fires or accept alliances. This is a job for high ranks only.

Loan Shark

The Loan Shark is in-charge of handing out loans and collecting past debts on previous loans by any force required.


Note: If you would like a new job added into our family please contact the Grandfather and describe the jobs function and duties if he agrees he will add the job to the list!


Roleplay scenarios

  1. Robbing people

  2. Robbing stores/banks

  3. Upsetting other gangs

  4. Someone is disrespecting the family

  5. A member of of the family is in danger

How to act

  1. An important rule in our family is that you should pretty much never rob someone for the loot. Exceptions are if our family is in need of f.eg. body armour. You should rob for RP and you should never rob anyone without a valid reason. Valid reasons are: if someone is disrespecting the family, if someone threatens the family, scams, robs honest workers etc. f.eg. if robbing a cop don’t just take the loot and and kill the cop. Try to engage in some kind of RP so that it is more fun for both parties.

  2. When we are in need of money we may sometimes rob stores/banks. The members with the role Robber will be planning the robbery and doing the most action such as negotiating with cops. When we are robbing we want good RP and we don’t want it to turn into a shootout with cops. Therefore we will need hostages.

  3. We should never upset other gangs. If another gang tells a Capitano or lower to back off then they should always do that unless given permission from Father or Grandfather.

  4. If someone disrespects the family in anyway they shall be robbed and in some situations be killed.

  5. If a member in the mafia is in life threatening danger it doesn’t matter what you are doing. Everyone should drop what they’re doing and respond!


Chain of Command

Never jump ranks in the chain of command. Only do so if necessary!


As a member of the mafia you will spend most of your time meeting new people and finding ways to make the mafia money. Please keep in mind do not upset other gangs. If they request you to stay away from a location respect that call unless the Grandfather says differently. We are working on getting a proper place. At this time our family has no Territory to call home. It’s something we are working on buying.



Our family is currently working on purchasing a warehouse to store our weapons, drugs etc. into but if you need a weapon you can contact a Brother or higher. They will have the proper resources to get you a good weapon.

Vehicle Policy

We don’t have very strict rules when it comes to vehicles. When rolling around alone or with one member you are allowed almost any vehicle. The vehicle has to be white, red or black. It can also not be a ridiculous vehicle like a bright pink faggio. Some of the car brands we roll around in are: Mercedes, Cadillac, BMW, Audi among some others. We want to give people the image that we are a very serious mafia.



  Uniform Policy

We know that everyone is excited to get into role-playing a mafia family. Something unique that has not been in the server yet that we know. With that said we don’t have a light uniform structure. The uniform MUST be business clothing. You can wear any type of business clothing but it must look professional. F.eg. a tux, business shirt, tie, nice Shoes etc. is required at all times. When rolling in a big group we might have matching clothes.


Discipline Policy

We have a strict three strike policy in the Mafia, if you violate any rules you will be given a strike after three strikes you will be removed from the family!


First Offense - Verbal & Written

The first Offense will be a Verbal & Written warning Over Discord made Public to the entire family, this is to show others we don’t allow violation of the rules. This warning is to be made clear to the offending member that it’s the first step into the discipline strikes.

Second Offense - Re-Training or Termination

The second offense will lead to a written strike on the member and a demotion to Associate for re-training. If you are already an Associate you will be removed from the family on the second offense after the first warning was issued!

Third Offense - Termination

The three strike policy will be strictly enforced by all command, and after the third strike your Character will be permanently killed and removed from the family. Upon joining the family you agree to these terms, and can-not be debated with admins after the strike policy is violated.



Current Ranks

Grandfather: Giovanni Marcello Disc: Hockeymr #9939Father: Fabio Marcello Disc: Marcoo #0319Brother: Francesco Marcello Disc: Fricky #7848

Soldier: Agosto Ricci Disc: Gustaf #7231




(We are currently recruiting and there are a couple of pending recruits)


Why we think we should be accepted as an official gang/mafia

We think that we should be accepted as an official gang/mafia because: we believe that we can contribute to very good RP on the server. We are different than any gang that we have met and we can provide nice variation to the server. The reason we want to be official is simply because we want to be respected by other gangs and citizens. We don't want it just to be able to properly rob people. We are a very serious group and we won't just mess around.

Thank you for reading The Marcello Family Application

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In my opinion the back story resembles The Crows too much...

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The Crows? I don't even know their back story

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Wow,a mafia! I really hopes this gets accepted!:D


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Added two new associates on trial: disc name LA22#3648 in-game Bryan Shabo and disc name Oshey King#3576 in-game Wade Green

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All the members of The Marcello Family are members of ADRP.

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This is a lot better than what you submitted before, I love the idea and think you have something good planned here 

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Application Denied

Your gang has been denied, it does not bring any unique roleplay that will enhance the server.

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