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  1. The Diciples started out from two best friends that thought each other as Brothers. Joseph Pole he was 26 years of age, and Jason Red he was 25 years of age. They never had a job, any money, they always just lived off of there parents. They would casually time to time go to each others house and have some fun for once, play video games, go outside and talk, go fishing, etc. Since they never even had a High school Diploma nobody would give them a spot on a job. They dropped out of school at 15, they were always picked on, bullied, and disrespected. They never liked school and never had. One day they got on there phone and called each other, they wanted a change for all of this, they wanted to have a better life. They wanted to talk about it, so they decided to go to a place to meet and discuss. They decided to pick a street right next from Grove Street. At 8 am in the morning both of the brothers woken up from a rough night of sleep. They texted each other and eventually met up at the spot they have chosen. They were talking about the gangs over on Grove Street how they make so much money, and that they have a life, and everything was going good for them. They wanted to have a gang like them, but they didn't want to be the average street gang and go and rob banks and rob people. They wanted to aim for something more unique and different. Jason Red's parent's had a couple of firearms in his dad's safe. He was a retired police officer and got to keep his equipment. He decided it was a good idea to take his dad's firearms and give a couple to his best friend, "Joseph Pole" they decided that there outfit for there "Organization" was going to be anything that consisted of black and white. They were walking down the street with there firearms in there hand, they did not know the laws of Los Santos, they did not know about open-carry. One of the Police Officers from the LSPD named, "Officer Hernandez" spotted the two gentlemen walking down the street with Firearms. He stopped them with his lights on and pulled out his registered department issued Combat Pistol and aimed it at the two suspects and told them to slowly drop the guns and put there hands up. Joseph Pole flee'ed from the scene and rushed around 2 corners, multiple blocks to get away. While his other friend Jason Red stood there and listened to the young Officer. His friend ended up going to jail for Gun Charges. Joseph Pole managed to get out of there clean but, the Officer got fingerprints from the Firearm Joseph Pole was carrying, they got his name and put out a warrant for his arrest. Joseph Pole was starting to get angry at the Government and Law Enforcement. Once his friend Jason Red has been let go out of Los Santos County Jail they wanted to form a anonymous Organization / Gang. Joseph wanted to be anonymous and undercover because of his warrant out for his arrest, he knew if he got caught he would be locked up for a damn well long time. There outfits consisted of Black clothing, and a white and black skull mask. They always had there mask on no matter what, Joseph Pole ended up changing his name to avoid the Police if he got stopped in a traffic stop or something more serious. The Diciples goal was too have a caring Brotherhood that always had each others backs and did not care for the Government. They retaliated against the Government they hated them, Law Enforcement locked up many of his friends in the past including his uncles, brothers, etc. The Diciples had 4 goals, Success, achievement, respect, and pride. They wanted to know how the Government operated and how Law Enforcement operated, they Deployed missions around Los Santos to gain information and all they could get. They held company meetings with there fellow members and wanted suggestions about what could be changed within The Diciples. We formed allies around Los Santos, we worked for other Organizations, to get our money around the city we sold some of our pride possessions such as Firearms, blueprints, information, etc. We would also buy information off of people who had about the Government. The Diciples never dis-respected anyone, they never robbed people, they don't rob banks, they are not power hungry, they wanted to achieve there goal. And this is just the beginning. They wanted to get around the world, make a living, and care for each other. We investigate, we do our dirty work when we need too. We plan to see you some day. Expect us. Motto: "Expect us." The Boss - Rank 1 The Boss of the Diciples, they look after there members and make sure everything is in the right place and where it should be. He also has other responsibilities of holding Company meetings and business operations and deploying missions throughout Los Santos. Under boss - Rank 2 The Under Boss is the Boss's right hand man, hes with him at all times of the operations, he is there to help out the Boss when he needs it. He is mainly advised to assigning missions to lower ranking members of The Diciples. Advisors - Rank 3 The Advisors are the Supervisors of The Diciples. They look after new recruits and make sure everything is in order with The Diciple's policy and Rules & Regulations. They also help the Boss and Under boss plan meetings, operations, and missions. They look over Prospects and gather information on what other members think about the new Recruits. They are a very important part of The Diciples. Wingman - Rank 4 The job of the Wingman is simple but yet hard, they keep tract of the money owned to The Diciples. They keep track of all the sales as in Guns, drugs, money, hitman request, etc. They are the Supervisors right hand man. If money is owed members will always notify it to the Wingman. They are also Detectives they keep a eye out on everything on the Streets, if something looks fishy or out of place it will be reported to Higher ups. Soldier - Rank 5 The Soldiers are the full fledged members of the Gang - The Diciples. They are the workers for the Gang and Higher ups. There job is to be around the city and take orders when they are needed. They also participate in Operations, meetings, etc. Prospect - Rank 6 A Prospect is a new recruit of the gang, once you get accepted you will be on watch by your fellow members and Higher ups, we like to see how you roll and operate. It's a trial period to prove yourself that you are worthy for The Diciples. Breaking & Violating any of these rules will result in one warning, further violations will result in a Blacklist from The Diciples. 1. Members outfit must consist of a Suit (Black or White) and our family mask which will be Mask ID (113) 2. You must be loyal to The Diciples. 3. You may not be in any other gang besides The Diciples. 4. The Diciples will always treat you with respect, disrespecting members will result in a warning. 5. Members must follow the responsibilities of there Ranks and the operations and missions they are assigned to. 6. You may not steal or scam anyone from The Diciples. 7. Members are required to attend every meeting we hold, if you are unable to attend please contact a Wingman+ 8. Any information that is consisted within The Diciples will not be shared to the public. 9. Do not cause trouble with any gangs without permission. 10. 20% of profits from working the corner must be shared with the Boss. 11. Wear the right uniform at all times unless you have permission from a Advisor+ 12. Do not cause trouble with Law Enforcement. 13. Follow all of American Dream Roleplay server rules. Leaders: Joseph Pole - The Boss (Whitelisted) Tyrone Biggins - Under boss (Whitelisted) Advisors: Jason Red - Advisor (Whitelisted) Wingmans: Hunter Smith - Wingman (Whitelisted) Scenarios: 1. One of The Diciples customer's has not paid there debt off within the Gang, he has been given several chances to pay off his debt. 2. One of The Diciples member's has got into some beef with a fellow member they start making death threats to each other when then know its against our Rules & Regulations. 3. You just got done with a bank robbery with your fellow Gang members, little do you know one of your fellow members has set you up and called the Police before hand. All the member's end up escaping but you are still looking for the lurker. 4. One of The Diciples member's are starting beef with another gang within the City, the gang "The Crows" has seem to come off the wrong foot as well and starts a gang war. How to handle these scenarios: 1. You would notify a wingman that someone that you sold to has not paid off there debt in awhile and has been running, the problem will go through the Chain of Command and will be dealt with. 2. If you are a lower-rank you would notify a higher up about the situation, until then you would try to handle it yourself while the higher ups are getting notified about the situation. Step in and see whats going on and make sure to take the gang members guns so the Death threats are not possible. Once the Higher up notices the situation he will issue a warning to each member for violating our Rules & Regulations. 3. You will handle the dirty work with that member after the bank robbery has been done with. You will gather up all your members and then go on a man hunt for the member who ratted out and violated his set. 4. Higher ups will try and settle the beef and also talk to the members about the situation and give a warning to whoever caused the situation, try to leave on good terms and make sure it won't happen again. Misc: After all the obstacles The Diciples has been through and has faced at the end of the day they are brothers, we have each others backs and have loyalty in one another. We have to do our dirty work at some points but the main two points of The Diciples are to get through this cruel and corrupt world as brothers and a group. Our goal to make this world a better place, we plan to do so in the years of our hard working and our knowledge. If we fail at doing so we will die in pride knowing that we were trying to save our corrupt world. We plan to see you some day. Uniform Structure: Our Uniform will consist of a black or white clothing, and our mask ID: (113) Wingman+ may wear a uniform that resembles a suit. Failure to follow the Uniform Structure will result in a verbal warning.
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