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Found 2 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vL8wHdGmi1UokhYIh9FmwqZoBYB-szCmaCXAkqumnmo/edit?usp=sharing
  2. About the Yellow Jack Inn The Yellow Jack is a prime example of your classic biker dive bar. With that being said the constant social circle and customers are mostly Lost MC and country folk looking for a good blue collar time. Alongside that since the Yellow Jack is in Lost MC territory the heads of the MC have decided to use the Yellow Jack as a storage facility for their moonshine because the old facility had a leak and caught fire. The Yellow Jack holds regular events and parties, and seeks to reach out to the whole state of San Andreas. We also partner with Redline to hold car shows,parties and other events.We will be doing charities and events to help our beloved county grow and prosper in the near future. The Yellow Jack membership The Yellow Jack membership is a membership only some can achieve. It is something a trusted and loyal customer can be granted. It is also a guarantee that you will always have the protection of all Yellow Jack staff. It also comes with possible discounts with our top of the line good ol’ fashioned rye whiskey. Menu: (The menu is a work in progress, hold your phones) Drinks: Whiskey: $100 Rum: $200 Water: $2 Coke: $12 Food: Biscuits: $3 Burgers: $10 Tacos: $7 Donuts: tbd Menu: Rules: Staff are expected to stay armed in order to defend the business. Bare minimum, there is a baseball bat behind the bar counter at all times (You must keep a baseball bat in your inventory). Illegal firearms are allowed, but YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for what happens if you are arrested with these guns. Bartenders should wear reasonable clothing for the type of bar we run. (tank tops and leather jackets are encouraged, suits and dressy clothes are not allowed. This is a biker bar, dress and act like it!) Security will be provided by the Lost MC. If a problem arises, call in Lost MC and they will settle the dispute. Liquor which belongs to the bar will be left in the fridge at the end of your shift. You may not hand out free drinks to your friends or steal liquor from the fridge. The only exception is that the Lost MC drinks for free when in cuts. Check IDs of customers to verify that they are over 21. Violence inside the bar will be dealt with swiftly and violently. Fights are permitted in the parking lot, so long as the fight is not brought inside. The Yellow Jack is not a place to hide from police or sell drugs. Do not sell drugs here or you will be fired as this could lead to police investigation of our bar. Customers are not allowed to brandish weapons inside the club. We will not pat down our customers, but if they pull out a weapon you should tell them to put it away before they are shot. If a confrontation happens, call the highest ranking staff member or Lost MC member to the scene. All Sales will be handled through the cash register (billing menu). Do not take cash for sales, as we will assume you are pocketing the cash. Tips are allowed but they must be in addition to the actual price of drinks/food. Only take out a reasonable amount of liquor at once (~10 of each drink). Taking out more makes you a liability for getting robbed of your liquor. Staff Requirements: Employees must have greencards in ADRP. Must have a gun license or access to firearms. If you do not have a gun license, have a Lost MC member supply you a gun. You will be expected to buy your license soon. Must be on discord and have access to gang chats. You must be known by the leadership of the Lost MC/Yellow Jack. Random citizens will not be trusted to work at the Yellow Jack as our RP requires significant levels of trust. You must have good RP. As a whitelisted member you are expected to set the example for this community. If your RP is unrealistic or you receive complaints relevant to your work at the bar, you will be removed. Agreements and friends of the Yellow Jack: The Yellow Jack Inn and the Lost MC are deeply intertwined. What the Lost MC members say is what goes. If the Lost MC are having an event at the bar, you will go along with it to the best of you ability. The O’Connor crime syndicate has pledged money towards the purchase of the bar. As such, they are VIP customers and will be treated with the utmost of respect. The Lost MC is on good terms with Tequila-la and the Vanilla Unicorn. Because of this, we will cooperate with those bars when needed. We will not seek to compete with these bars or advertise when they are advertising on twitter. (This means that you should open the bar early and often, so that we are not fighting with them for customers.) The Yellow Jack Inn has no official agreement with Club Omega. You are free to open the bar when Club Omega is open.
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