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  1. https://discord.gg/k6qKcV
  2. PLEASE add a link to Discord in your website somewhere - such as the menu in the top right. I have spent hours trying to get the link. Asking in server, and posting in forums thanks.
  3. Yo Los Santos! The name is Jimmy Jamoni, some people call me Jimmy, Jam, JJ, what ever you want to call me is ok. I just moved to the city today and currently in the works of finding a new career. I had to leave my old city to get away from bad people. Starting out here already met a few people. I heard the city is in need of EMS which I do have some past experience with, and will be applying for that very soon. I moved here from the East Coast (DC area), never been out here but so far its amazing! Hope to meet some good influential folks here. Jimmy
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