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  1. Are you a current member of ADRP ? Yes What is your name? (IC) Josh Kidet What is your discord username? Gluckspferd#4868 What is your age (IC AND OOC) In character i am 19 and in real life i am 16 Do you speak and type fluent English ? (Select one) Yes What is your preferred department? Los Santos Police Department What 10 codes do you know? 10-20 is for sayin location 10-80 is for chasin s.o 10-98 is for saying a lng that there is a jailbreak 10-31 is for shooting around the officer 10-42 is for goin off duty / 10-4 is for rogerin an info 10-21 is for callin so / 10-74 is for tellin that is negative 10-6 is to inform that the officer is busy 10-46 is to inform that the officer need motor assitance 10-23 is to inform that the officer has arrived on scene Why do you want to join the San Andreas Dept of Public Safety I want to join San Andreas Dept of Public Safety to be able to keep securing the city and cleaning it from the theifs/gangs/drug dealers/terrorists... In addition my Dad was a Sheriff and one day he got shot and the shooter run out without getting cought. Unfortunately he didnt make it and before passing out he said to me to try hard to continue my life aiming at finding who was the shooter and to keep my Mother and Siblings safe and secure b/c i was the oldest one . Thats why i wana become an officer in the police departement and with being that i will work hard to find the shooter who killed my Dad and putting him in jail . Also being an officer in La will give me the ability to help the citizien having a safe life and i ll offoard them the security everyday even if i ll get shooted i will go for it just to keep the city secure. What can you bring to the Police Department? I'll try my best to caught all the criminels that i can found and stop also i ll try hard to be the kindest and the severe cop in the city and the funny one with my Police Department Mates. SCENARIO: You're on a 10-11 (Traffic Stop) and you're stood at the drivers window and you're about to write him a ticket. The passenger of the vehicle exits the vehicle and draws a gun on you, the passenger orders you to walk back to your vehicle and handcuff your self to the wheel. What would you do in that situation? (Put as much detail in as possible) First of all when i am going to write a ticket for someone i have to ask for back up and then step out of the vehicule . And when the back up will made it i ll go and write the dude the ticket b/c everybody in La have a gun. But in this situation when he draws the gun on me first ill stay calm and ill try to calm the dude and ill try to call the back up with giving information when i m talking to him . After that if the dude started yelling more and more i will go to my car slowly facing him . And when i am next to my vehicule i will not get in first but i ll pretend that i am reaching my handcuffs but i will reach my teaser gun and fast as hell i will tease him b/c from his way of holding the pistol he seems not a professional so there is no way that his reaction time will be better than mine b/c i am a trained officer . After teasing him he will on the ground and then i will reach my hendcaffs and hendcaff him and probably after all this time the back up will made it to the scene SCENARIO: You have initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle, you clocked the person going 100 MPH down the freeway with your radar... The person disagrees with you and says that they were not speeding. What would you do in that scenario? (Put as much detail in as possible) So if u my radar said that the person is goin 100mph ill call in the radio to inform the other officers and then i ll stop him. Then when he disagrees with me that he isnt i ll check if they are awake and known what they are doing (not on alcohol or drugs...) and they are i ll just cuf them and take the Police Department . And if they are not i ll try to talk to him and convince him. Finally i ll check if he has old fines that he didnt pay and i ll give him a new one for speeding and ill let him continue his path. SCENARIO: There is a 10-90 (Robbery) in progress at the Pacific Standard Bank, there is a black BMW outside that is unlocked, you have confirmation there is no hostages or weapons. There are 6 officers on scene including yourself, plan how you're going to handle the situation. (Put as much detail in as possible) So when i am on a 10-90 in the Pacific Bank I'll wait the other officers to come . In this situation we have a confirmation that there is no hostage or weapons and also we have there BMW outside unlocked . So first of all i ll order one of my officers to check if the buildings around are safe by askin a Police Helo and that we dont have snipers around. After that ill order another officer to get the plate number of it and to search the owner of it to see if it is robbed or no . If it isnt we will get the owner name . After that i ll order the same officer to shot the tires with his lazer to avoide making gun shot sound, to block them from escaping with it. And then i ll grab my megaphone and try to talk with the robbers if they didnt answer i'll order two of my officers to push the back door of the bank slowly while me and 3 officers will push the main door and then we will secure every corner of the bank and when we will get the bank safe me and other officer will throw two flashes and then comes the push an By clicking YES or NO, you acknowledge that you have met all the word requirements for the application. Yes
  2. Could you try to fix some of them and especially the Dealership one it will help alot when it will be on Many citizen come and ask for an ATM and they should go to the nearest shop and that will take time So ill be very grateful if you can do something about it
  3. How about adding new dances and new animations in the animations menu It will be cool to see new dances or new sport animations
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