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  1. 1) The UI that tells you about your water, food, job title, etc overlaps the radar in 21:9 2) The F3 player list is taller than the screen, so you can't see the entire list. Both 1 and 2 effect 2560x1080 and 3440x1440.
  2. Thanks @Hawaii_Beach! Updated.
  3. So, you’re new to the city! Let me be the first to welcome you. You’re probably very confused at this point about where to start, but that’s okay! Within this guide, you’ll find everything you need to get started. First, you’ll need to disable Global chat. As soon as you load into the server, you’ll notice you can hear everyone. Simply hit ~ to toggle your voice proximity. You’ll need to do this each time you load into the game. Second, it’s time to design your character! First, start by following the instructions on-screen to create your characters ID. Then, using the customization menu, build your perfect persona. Note: If you accidentally close out the character creation menu, you can exit the server, log back in and create a new character. You may now hit the trash can icon on the old character to delete it! (Thanks devs!) Once you’ve completed your character, it’s time to get a job. Find a ride to the Information Center (The purple i icon on the map). Once you’ve chosen a job from the list, your next goal is to go to that particular jobs starting location on the map, change into the appropriate workers outfit, and begin the job. Again, this will require the use of a friend with a vehicle, or a taxi. Before going to your job site, consider stopping by a market (Green basket icon on the map) and purchasing food and water to maintain your thirst and hunger while doing your job. You’ll see your thirst and hunger levels on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. Should either of those gauges fully deplete, you’ll certainly find yourself dying, and no one wants that. Once you’ve earned 10k-20k, you can go get your license! Head to the Driving School (Search your map for a white briefcase icon). You’ll have to take a written test ($500), followed by an actual driving test ($2500). Once you’ve passed those tests, it’s time to head to the dealership. Before going to the dealership, ensure one is available to sell you a car. If not, you’ll simply have to wait. Once you’ve confirmed a dealer is available, simply let them know your budget and what you’re looking for. They’ll give you all of the options available to you for you to make your decision. To purchase the vehicle, you’ll be asked to show your idea. Simply: Press K -> Personal -> Show ID Once the dealer has the necessary information, they will bill you for the car. To pay your bill: Press K -> Personal -> Bills Select the bill and pay it by pressing enter with the proper bill selected. The dealer will give you your keys, register the car to your character, and you’ll be all set. That concludes this guide, but stay tuned for more! There are job guides, gun guides, and more coming soon!
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