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  1. Dickson

    Robberies DO NOT work

    When you go to rob anything, no matter where you are or how many cops are on, it will prompt you to press "E" to begin the robbery. Once you press E, your character will begin to start the animation and will immediately stop and a message will pop up saying all stores in San Andreas are under high security. The cops will still get a message that there is a robbery in progress but when they show up, no one will be there.
  2. My name is Krendog (IGN: Dixon Browne) and I work as a salesperson at the dealership. I have run into a lot of lost sales because I didn't have the car that the individual wanted in inventory. I have a solution that fixes potentially 2 problems. The first would potentially be the backup of cars in the used dealership and the second would be the low inventory levels in the car dealership list. I propose that we put a system in place where someone can bring back their used car and the dealership can buy it back from them at a fraction of the base price. For example, if someone buys a Subaru BRZ for 30,000 (39,000 after tax), they could bring it back and the dealership could buy it back for lets say, half the cost of the base price. The car would then be placed in the "Put out vehicle for sale" list. We could then also set a maximum inventory limit based upon car cost so that we aren't carrying to much in stock for higher end cars and could carry more in stock for lower end cars. For example, all cars with a base price of 100K or more, it would only allow us to have only 1 of those cars in stock. For example, if we already had a 2017 Ford GT in stock (308,000) we wouldn't be able to buy back their 2017 Ford GT. Anything under a base price of 100K, we could have up to 2 or 3 in stock. Obviously these numbers are hypothetical and the thresholds could be changed but when I brought up the idea, the staff seemed to like it.

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