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  1. reekris


    Either moving Chat or some of the vehicle/clothing shops menu's to the other side of the screen. to stop the overlap when in menu's
  2. The budget is a real life budget not in game currency.
  3. Year 2017 Make Leroy Model The Savage Pictures Budget 50 Special Requests Engine Additional Notes the picture cuts out the budget but i set a budget of $50 USD its a drag car, so super fast to top speed, bad handling. this car is from a YouTuber named Cleetus McFarland
  4. Year 2017 Make Holden Model Commodore SS-V Redline ute Pictures Budget $50-$75 Special Requests Engine Rims Exhaust Roll Cage Body kits Additional Notes decent fast, major burn outs, would love to see a custom blower set up just like the real aussie burnout utes
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