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  1. Andy Jackson

    The Crows - Crime Family/Gang [UPDATED/REVISED]

    Gang application is accepted. Please check your discord channel for the next steps
  2. Andy Jackson

    Bank of Los Santos

    Had spoken about it in a chat once before but didn't want it to be lost https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pGfOXV_kEk0MPMWZlJ9f626v3FlyLAAQ6E2yMiUxMvg/edit?usp=sharing Job is there, just need to have it reworked and implemented.
  3. Andy Jackson

    Queue in Server Browser

    As a request from Hawaii. To make it so you can see the queue through the server browser allowing people to see how big the queue at that current moment.
  4. Andy Jackson

    ADRP Staff Roster

    This would be a great idea. Would require it to be changed a lot when we hire and fire staff but I like the concept. Contact me in the discord and we can work on this together!
  5. Andy Jackson

    DMV School

    I had a friend test the DMV school for me and when he failed his test and tried to retake it, it froze him in the "Welcome to the DMV School" pop up window and he could not proceed any further and could not exit out of the window. It also didn't help when I restarted the resource either, still locked him in the screen
  6. Andy Jackson


    So i was testing the trains out today and noticed that the trains are now the large freight train instead of the underground train. It will also not de-spawn the train after you get off and it will continue to travel around the map when you jump off.

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