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  2. The People's Republic The People's Republic are a group who strive to achieve the 3 pillars of their success at all costs. Economic. Safety. Social. The date of the creation of the group is currently unknown. The People's Republic success comes from their ability to perform the 3 pillars of their success to the highest level. To make incredible economic gain. To provide safety to not just those associated with the group, but to anyone who should ask to receive it. To know everyone and to hear everything. The People's Republic are always watching and always listening. At the beginning, all that was known were their pillars. For as long as the People's Republic have existed they have vowed to serve for the good of the people at all times, whilst honoring the ancient traditions they have held close to them. As time has passed and the pillars have evolved to have new meaning based on cultural surroundings and evolution of mankind. In the present day these pillars translate to keeping members of The People's Republic economically prosperous, the general public of Los Santos safe from people who threaten the hard working, and ensuring everyone in the city knows of whom the People's Republic are. Criminal activity has for the most part in the history of the organization has only been used in desperate measures. The People's Republic also prefer to only use physical harm if absolutely necessary. Threat to a People's Republics life, another People's Republic member or a member of the public. A diplomatic approach is much preferred. The Hydra The head of the People's Republic. Feared by everyone, known by few. The Graiae There are 3 Graiae. They are the 3 overseers and faces of the People's Republic. Report directly to the Hydra and make decisions based on the directive of the Hydra. Graiaes are also responsible for Recruitment The Ares There can be only 1 Ares. The People's Republic, Ares reports to the 3 Graiae. The Ares commands the 3 Eros who all report directly to him. The Ares, traditionally is the person that will get his/her hands dirty for The Graiae. The Eros There can be only 3 Eros. Each Eros is responsible for 1 specific pillar of the People's Republic success. Economic, Safety, Social. Each Eros may have only 2 Hermes. The responsibility of each Eros are as follows: Economic Eros - To create wealth to the group from a variety of sources. Safety Eros - To protect The People's Republic. Social Eros - To network and listen to as many people as possible. The Hermes Hermes report straight to their respective Eros. They may only perform actions that aid their selected Eros pillar. Anything else will not be tolerated. The People's Republic have ZERO TOLERANCE for rule breaking. Break any of the below and it will result in you being removed from the group. Protect the weak and innocent. The People's Republic always come first. Compliance with authorities is a must unless given explicit instructions from the Graiae or Hydra. Always help a member of the People's Republic when they request help. Always listen and keep your eyes and ears open. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth. Do not cause trouble with any gangs without permission. Members are required to attend every meeting we hold, if you are unable to attend please contact your superior to inform them. If at any point any member of The People's Republic causes grief unnecessarily to another group or The People's Republic themselves, their status within the group is at the discretion of The Hydra. Follow all ADRP Server rules. The Hydra Timothy Rockson (Member) The Graiae Marcus Resse (Member) Sean Maxwell (Member) Tito Carrone (Applying) The Ares John Stick (Member) The Eros Safety - Economic - Social - Shane Kiley (Member) The Hermes Safety Cody Smith (Applying) Social Alex Dean (Applying) Economic Ydalir Vinter (Member) Another Organization within the city is not happy with how The People's Republic have handled a situation. A new member of the public within the city has requested aid from The People's Republic. A member of The People's Republic has been killed by an unknown person. The acting Hydra will firstly call for an organizational meeting consisting of The 3 Graiae and the Ares. They will decide what the best course of action will be. Traditionally it will be to setup a meeting with the other group and try to amend the situation peacefully. If peace cannot be attained. The Hydra will call for a State of Emergency and pass the word to the Government, all members of the People's Republic, and their allies. If the strength in numbers still is not enough to resolve the situation and no agreement can be met, then and only then will the Hydra declare war upon the opposing organization. A new citizen has been robbed and has requested aid. The member of The People's Republic will immediately stop what they are doing, ask the member of the public what has happened. Once the information has been given the member of the People's Republic will use their best judgment to help the citizen. Be it, financial aid, transportation or even emotional support. They will help the new citizen understand the inner workings of the city and allow them a means of contact for the future. The dead shall first have their life celebrated by the People's Republic. We shall honor our dead. Once a funeral has been completed, The Hydra shall interview the members who witnessed the death. Once the information has been digested, The Hydra will reach out to the group the person involved with the crime is associated with, the police, and/or the person themselves. If a just reason cannot be given and/or the justice system fails to persecute the criminal, The Hydra will decide the fate of the person and/or group with the help of the Graiae and The Ares. The People’s Republic Style Guide The primary color of the group is white. Suit jackets are preferred, but only necessary from the Ares and above. Any organization vehicles MUST be white with black windows. All members will wear the same mask, information given upon acceptance. The People’s Republic Application LINK https://forms.gle/eHB5Egtvu1hKU68H6

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