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  1. Are you a current member of ADRP ? No What is your name? (IC) Veins Schirmer What is your discord username? xadin#9166 What is your age (IC AND OOC) ic=24 ooc=17 Do you speak and type fluent English ? (Select one) Yes What is your preferred department? Los Santos Police Department What 10 codes do you know? i would search on google but im gonna tell you the truth i dont know none Why do you want to join the San Andreas Dept of Public Safety because i dont wanna people going fast on the streets. What can you bring to the Police Department? more one cop? SCENARIO: You're on a 10-11 (Traffic Stop) and you're stood at the drivers window and you're about to write him a ticket. The passenger of the vehicle exits the vehicle and draws a gun on you, the passenger orders you to walk back to your vehicle and handcuff your self to the wheel. What would you do in that situation? (Put as much detail in as possible) once i got at back of my car i would kneel and draw my gun and if he shoots me i would shot him SCENARIO: You have initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle, you clocked the person going 100 MPH down the freeway with your radar... The person disagrees with you and says that they were not speeding. What would you do in that scenario? (Put as much detail in as possible) i would tell him i saw it on the radar 100 and if he keeps talking i would tell him to shut up and give him a ticket SCENARIO: There is a 10-90 (Robbery) in progress at the Pacific Standard Bank, there is a black BMW outside that is unlocked, you have confirmation there is no hostages or weapons. There are 6 officers on scene including yourself, plan how you're going to handle the situation. (Put as much detail in as possible) i would follow orders from my superior By clicking YES or NO, you acknowledge that you have met all the word requirements for the application. Yes No (App denied)
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