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  1. I would agree.. Seen people doing this alot with the same names over and over
  2. Its being looked into.
  3. Pax

    New Mining Job

    Soo Steps to repeat 1. Gather what ever you want. 2. Process Diamonds. Get 2 diamonds 3. Script stops working.. At this point you can not process or gather anything else..
  4. Pax

    New Mining Job

    @Hawaii_Beach The new mining job when we process, It only works one time.. after that it will not process anything. Tested it with all minerals.
  5. Pax

    Gun stores missing

    All gun stores are missing vendors and markers https://gyazo.com/7bbdd68543a7371ca80aad6e284be6b6
  6. Pax

    Fire System

    New script system can we look in to the viability https://forum.fivem.net/t/esx-firedispatch/800150
  7. Pax


    Biggest problem I forsee with this is people would never log out meaning que times would suck even more.. At least now when you wanna switch you have to log out giving someone else a chance to get in. Then you wait in line
  8. Bus Driver. From the bus depot near Strawberry and LS Freeway. Drivers get a bus and are assigned 1 of several routes. These routes would move all around LS and Blaine. Each route is in a specific order and require the driver to wait 30-45 seconds before moving to the next stop.. Each Route would have 15-20 stops to complete. Meaning 1 route should take roughly 15-20 mins to complete. This would allow for a public transit system to be in effect around the city.
  9. Pax


    Could and Would be abused regularly.
  10. you simply move... IF an admin sees you in 1 spot for more that 10-15 mins they will kick you too You shouldn't be sitting still or AFK. If you cant move one time ever 15 mins then start gathering/processing again. you violating rules anyways
  11. These jobs dont require you to stand still for more than the autokick timer at once. People tend to do it anyways and will be kicked for it.. Your not allowed to be AFK at all while doing these jobs. If a person is unwilling to move around every little while while farming they are violating the server rules.
  12. Lets start this threat with saying this is no attempt to make the police overpowered.. Simply some Enhancements to bring some more "Realistic" RP and Policing. It is understandable that some of these are not feasible but would encourage you to explore each one. Simple Script to make holsters look BETTER... No more having 2 guns on you. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-holsters/731182 Removes Pistol Whipping Stops accidental deaths. Also makes it so you cant punch a person to death. Instead works similar to taser/beanbags to subdue not kill a person. https://forum.fivem.net/t/standalone-remove-pistol-whipping-melee-and-nighstick-damage/722941 Swat Shield.. Brings a new aspect to tactical situations instead of massive shootouts were crosshairs win, something with skill and tactics are needed. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-police-shield/116095 Possible new system for new dispatch role in PD to use https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-simple-tablet-for-cads-and-other-iframes/792251 Flash bangs that are used in barricade/hostage situations https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-flashbang/632856 Would also like to see a new unit/cert made of all SADPS called "SADPS SWAT" Comprised of Troopers Sheriffs and Officer trained ABOVE Tacops. These units would have the ability to take command of tactical situations to use all available units to the fullest. They would be extensively trained and practice on a regular basis to keep ready for the inevitable situations. Finally i would call for a hard look at the current negotiation situations, There are way to many situations of "We have a hostage do what we say or they die, you have to value their life". Even when the demands are 100% unrealistic.. People walking around outside of their bank they are robbing checking for cops, snipers and spikes. This is very unrealistic.. There are hardly any other demands other thank let us leave or we shoot the hostage.
  13. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/life-raft-add-on-lods-unlocked Somthing like this. that is an item you carry and use and this appears.. Will Save Lives as well as add some RP for Coast Guard and PaX air to save these rafts
  14. Pax

    add a boat

    Also Requesting the addition of the Kraken Submersible2 https://gyazo.com/adeb0664dc504779d0b0b600b170c075
  15. Pax

    add a boat

    Spawn Code Marquis
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