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  1. Is it a rental business? Or are you wanting to own used car lot and charge people to sell their used cars?
  2. Pax

    Aircraft radar

    Aircraft to aircraft Systems like this radar are very common place in civil Aviation. It is designed to keep aircraft from crashing into each other. And in RL by Jan 1 2020 all aircraft in controlled airspace are required to have it. With the increase of aviation on the server This will help prevent crashes. Looks like this in real life.
  3. Of course not. Thats why i said my budget of the car was the price of the model.. Fully intended to pay for it had already talked to bradly on how it works.
  4. Pax

    Garage repairs

    Tested again infront of toria https://gyazo.com/7ac610dc8a2ebfae44f9675b394d3032
  5. Pax

    Garage repairs

    My car was damaged. I had no cash on me and went to store it.. The interface came up saying its repaired and charged me. However car never got repaired or put in to the garage. Did it a second time to test took pictures. https://gyazo.com/c27b99e8ae918b1b4635d05c99b89494
  6. Flight instruments only show in planes not in helicopters And the compass on the aircraft is backwards. If i turn to the right it turns left.
  7. Pax

    Aircraft radar

    With the increase of airtraffic on the server would like to request a radar system i have seen on other servers also running onesync.. Basicly adds a radar screen to the bottom right of your screen so you can see where other aircraft are. It also has a boat sonar system. https://forum.fivem.net/t/beta-radar-and-sonar-for-aircraft-boats/17815
  8. This happens after you flop around the first time when dead https://gyazo.com/98e16d95ecae3af35d6280023e860493
  9. Budget is ment for a real life amount you would be willing to pay to get this added. Not an ingame price.
  10. Pax

    New Aircraft

    Apologizes where would be the place? I was told by admins to submit it here as there is no feature request location.,,
  11. Thanks for the reply but wasnt looking for a white listed job. Getting a pilots license densest require whitelisting
  12. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-hummer-h1-open/538324
  13. Pax

    No Paychecks

    i did 5 hours this morning total before quiting
  14. Pax

    No Paychecks

    Been on the last 4 hours No paychecks at all..
  15. About PaX "PaX" is a helicopter company based in sunny Los Santos. We live to serve the people of LS and Blaine County. We are here to provide you with the top notch service a paying customer would expect. We have several services offered to the public, please view our service list below. Whether you're a bored citizen, newly wed couple, or an executive with no time to spend in traffic, PaX will service you right. Services Job Name Aircraft Passangers Cost Discription PG Run Helicopter 1-3 Free Any PG to PG Flight Jail Run Helicopter 1-3 Free Jail to Any PG Custom Flight Helicopter 1-3 Free We Will Fly You Where ever Tour Flight Any Plane or Helicopter 1-3 $5,000 Preset Tour City or Country Random Transport Helicopter 1-3 Free Pick up anywhere Deliver to a PG Car Transport Cargo Bob 9 $5,000 Move a car from somewhere to some were else **Additional Services MAY be available upon request** ***Rentals are available upon request contact for prices*** Current Contracts PaX currently holds several contracts with the city of LS. - Pilot Service for EMTs - LSPD Flight Instructor PaX Air Jobs and Pay Scale Title Description Pay Aircraft Access CEO Runs Company $6,000 All Chief Pilot Makes sure persons are abiding by rules and regs of FAA and company. $3,500 All Full Pilot Can accept any jobs we offer that they have completed training for. $3,000 All that have been trained for Probation Pilot Limited ONLY to PERSON transport. $2,000 Little bird, Frogger, Swift Ground Crew Organizes the aircraft parking, fueling and getting people to and from the aircraft. $2,000 Tugs, Cart, Fuel Truck Trainee Hired on basis to learn and progress. $1,000 Buzzard Only FAA Services PaX is a full service FAA registration and training center. We are able to provide training to anyone who wants it. Cost For FAA Training will be $100,000 and that price includes all classes, aircraft rentals and exams. Facility PaX is planning on buying Vespucci Heliport for our operations. The Facility has 4 company helipads and 2 public that will allow for refueling. We also will have a service center for helicopter repairs. Staff Owner - JC PaX JC has 20 years of experience flying aircraft. He spent several years in the military flying missions from search and rescue to disaster relief. He moved to LS to get a fresh start and after working for a local aviation company, he decided to begin his own company. He currently is a Certified Flight Instructor, an FAA examiner and the local FAA Administrator. He has trained 100s of students in the past 2 years and has a great deal of experience teaching. In his free time he loves to fly just to fly. He has a great passion to share aviation with anyone that wants to experience it. Rules All Employees will Abide by all FAA Regulations at ALL times All Employees will follow all local laws NO employee will KNOWINGLY participate in Illegal activity Weapons are allowed to be carried by pilots to protect them selves, but must be licensed Employees will comply will all LAWFUL orders from police, Provided it does NOT interfere with our Confidentially agreement or safety Confidentially agreement **No employee will ever disclose personal information about ANY customer** to include but not limited to Names, locations or conversations overheard Employment Opportunities Applicants MUST already have or obtain an FAA License prior to being allowed to fly You need not be a registered citizen in order to apply Must agree to the follow all rules of the company or you will be terminated AIRCRAFT ********************************************************************************************************************* Volatus - 3 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Buzzard - 3 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Frogger - 3 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Super Volito - 3 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* CargoBob- 9 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Swift- 3 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Sea Sparrow - 1 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Blimp - 3 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* AW139 - 5 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Dodo - 4 Passengers ********************************************************************************************************************* Seabreeze - 1 Passengers
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