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  1. Color Change: Black and White
  2. The Wild Cards Origin Wild Cards are defined as a person, thing, or group whose influence is unpredictable and whose qualities are uncertain. In this way, the Wild Cards are unpredictable and are extremely dangerous because of this. Gambling paved a way for Tyler Tarana, after coming back from overseas the only one in his platoon. Tyler filled the void that he had of his loved ones with greed, and became a renowned poker player. As ex-military Tyler had the leadership, to bring others under his belt, in which case he did so, by creating a small group in which they would pick-pocket, rig gambling, and set out to cause misfortune amongst anyone who seemed to have money. After outgrowing the gambling scene in Toronto, Tyler decided to make a larger change. He moved to Los Santos with one of his very trusted right hand men, and thus became the Wild Cards. The Wild Cards consider themselves smarter than the average gang, they rely on speed, dexterity and quick wit. Whether that be with sleight of hand, maneuvering a vehicle or talking their way out of charges. This is what we are known for. The Wild Cards are not afraid of violence, and due to this, are considered very dangerous. They will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck, mainly resorted to criminal intents. Ranks Ace – The top leaders, this is dedicated to the very best hustlers and con-artists there have been in the Wild Cards. They are in charge of maintaining the rules within the Wild Cards, ensuring that everyone is completing their duties, accepting/denying any requests. etc. Kings – An officer rank, they report to the Aces and distribute their orders to any value under them, though primarily the Jacks. Kings are in charge of creating scams/methods to make money. These will be either accepted or declined by the aces. Jack – The Jacks are in charge of managing the Jokers, ensuring that the work they have set out is accurate and that no one is skimming. Jokers – These are the full-fledged spades, they know a little bit about what the Wild Cards truly do, and may partake in smaller roles of the scams/cons. Spades – These are the newest recruits, They simply follow orders. If they do this well enough, the Aces may put a little more respect and trust into them. Called spades because they do a majority of the dirty work. Scenarios A Joker tries to create his own con, without discussing it with anyone of higher rank above him A Rival gang becomes threatening after losing money to one of our Cons The police are giving you a hard time at a low-end con. Scenario Outcomes Although the Aces respect the initiative, this is ultimately against the rules. If a Joker hasn’t been given specific orders to perform this con, it needs to be discussed first. This would in most scenarios give the Joker a first warning, or even a demotion down to prospect. Keep cool, there’s never a need to instigate a war. Send out a message to one of the nearest Wild Cards, and we’ll be there to assist in case anything goes down. Risk Reduction is the game here. See if you’re able to talk your way out of it, The Wild Cards are all about being unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean we’re unintelligent. It’s better to take a small con charge, than to become a nuisance for the police, who will then make your life a lot harder than you think. Warning System Failure to follow any rules set out by the Aces, will provide a demerit. Demerits can value anywhere from 1-20 depending on the severity. When reaching 21, the individual will be removed from the gang. Anyone removed at that point will be considered a blackjack, and will have no longer have anything to do with the Gang, and may be treated as a pariah. Member rules Dress code: Black & Red (colors of the suits) Respect is earned. Though everyone in the Wild Cards is to show respect, The Aces have a hard time trusting many people. The Aces will decide on any discrepancies within the gang. The Wild Cards are well-known, but that doesn’t mean our methods of making money need to be. Any discussion of our methods to outside sources Members must protect their identities with masks, when doing cons, unless they were specifically told not too. While participating in any illegal activity, the lower ranks, will listen to their higher ups as a sort of risk reduction technique. Our higher ranks are professionals and simply want to get in and out with as little issue as possible. If caught doing any sort of con, without approval of at the minimum a king, the individual may find themselves earning a large sum of demerit points, potential to be removed or Members are to not draw any sort of unwanted attention upon the group/the groups actions as a whole. Money makes the world go ‘round. Do your part, and you’ll make your cut. Members Tyler Tarana (Ace) Donny Dante (Ace) (White-listed) Moses Khan (King)
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