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  1. Bennington I had found this to you beat me to the punch.
  2. Vincent

    City Council

    With the police commissioner elections at hand, and seeing the improvements and goals put forth to better that side of RP in the city, It only seems natural to me that the citizen counterpart should exist. As such I propose a city council a cumulative group of Business owners and gang leaders to help organize and bring community concerns or desires to the forefront. With a council the "chairmen" could be a position much like the police commissioner, any council member may campaign during elections and then given winning a city wide vote take the seat to more directly interface with city administration. This will help mold the wide array of citizen ideas and/or concerns into a more structured and concise system, and give citizens a stronger feeling of community involvement. Not to mention it may function as a means for city administration to have one voice to communicate with who can then filter information/project updates out into the community helping citizens not feel so disconnected form staff or in the dark.
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