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  1. Luke Cruise


    Seems really cool I would be interested in joining if you get accepted
  2. Remove sticky bombs or restrict them more. In my opinion they are very overpowered.
  3. Add seatbelt indicator so that we can see if we're wearing our seatbelt or not.
  4. I think that many would like if you could have more than three characters. It would be nice to have at least 3 whitelist jobs then another char where you can do whatever you want.
  5. Oh ok that's nice
  6. Yeah I know what would be nice is if private pilots also could have a garage so that they don't have to spawn choppers for us all the time
  7. Don't really like this idea in my opinion gangs already have enough priveleges and stuff so taking it this far would make it even more boring for people that are not affiliated with gangs.
  8. So people without pass are not able to harvest?
  9. Adding aircraft garage at LSIA where people with ATC tag can store for example helicopters so that they don't have to be spawned in. Would save a lot of time.
  10. Thank you very much @dalefan03
  11. All the members of The Marcello Family are members of ADRP.
  12. I think that they are already being introduced
  13. Added two new associates on trial: disc name LA22#3648 in-game Bryan Shabo and disc name Oshey King#3576 in-game Wade Green
  14. It would be really cool to have a script where cops could investigate dead bodies. For example if someone is shot then the police would be able to track the bullet to the the owner of the firearm if the firearm is obtained legally. If the weapon was obtained illegally then the cop could test weapons to see if the bullet and the weapon match. Also the police could check the body for fingerprints. Would make some really cool detective work.
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