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  1. 2019-11-10 Minor performance improvements Removed old, unused cop outfits Added ability for cops to roleplay as a dog 🐶
  2. Changed Status to Rejected
  3. Hawaii_Beach


    Changed Status to Rejected
  4. Hawaii_Beach


    No, escorting will only be a police & ems thing
  5. Hawaii_Beach

    Gun robbing

    Changed Status to Rejected
  6. Hawaii_Beach

    Gun robbing

    On ADRP you rob people by telling them to give you all the goodies, at least for now
  7. Changed status to Invalid
  8. "the Government" why are you rping this????? It's fixed btw
  9. 2019-11-02 LS customs has received some improvements More neon layouts: Front and Back; Sides Improved the camera position, and no more camera from the other side of the map Prices are now shown in a green color and properly grouped Added sounds to menu Merged attachments and weapon shop menu Added sounds to weapon shop menu, too Backing in the weapon shop menu no longer closes the entire menu Removed all NPC cops, both walking and cop cars driving around
  10. Accepted, will be worked on soonTM so hold your phones
  11. Changed Status to Accepted
  12. This is on purpose so people cant farm start money
  13. 2019-10-26 Improved nearest medic text Added missing vehicle labels, e.g garages now display the proper vehicle names for most vehicles Added discord integration
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