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    Hold your phones
  2. Hawaii_Beach

    People getting stuck creating character

    As I've said we recently added a lot of exception handlers to improve our system for the end users, but do still have a problem with shared accounts, and the same happens if you change steam account and play on not only ADRP but most servers out there due to how they work. 99.9% of the "freezed" loading screen is because of the above, we will be working on a fix for this soon.
  3. Hawaii_Beach

    Cant Creating Character

    This is an duplicate of https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/bugtracker/interface-controls/people-getting-stuck-creating-character-r25/
  4. Hawaii_Beach

    Cannot click anything

    Sooo you managed to break the trunk. What did you do to make this happen?
  5. Hawaii_Beach

    Losing Weapons

    Jeez dont spam useless comments "same" "me too" "I lost 2000000k" it's not helping damnit. Now please tell us how to reproduce this issue, and how you bought the weapon.
  6. Hawaii_Beach

    People getting stuck creating character

    We've added exception handlers to get rid of most problems with this.
  7. Hawaii_Beach

    Beach gym

    Uuh this ain't gonna happen, we're not intrested in adding a gym.

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