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  1. Would love to see us having a Dispatch as a role. I would create a lot more chatter avalible if you don't need to talk in the same channel if 6 vehicles is what the dispatch has set up for a 10-80 and the rest can continue patrol.
  2. In the last week I have had two cases where we havn't been able to make a report in the MDT/CAD because of simularities in player names. I'm suggesting to add a unique id / Social Security Card Nr. on a players ID Card so if we have a hard time, finding the distinct player or create a player record this should be an option to put in instead. Try go in to the MDT/CAD and search player John Smith then try to pick one of the John Smith's and try making a record on him. (there are between 15-20 different John Smith's)
  3. Because of a name change that I felt was needed. I choses to reset my cop character. But under all circumstances, i had to remake it 2 times, and every times I started with No money what so ever. Don't no if this is on purpose but it's the blue character select marker that does that for me, haven't tested the others.
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