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  1. move the clothing store/barber menu so chat/ooc/twitter doesnt overlay on top of it, maybe to the right of the screen instead of the left so chat doesnt overlay it like in the screenshot below
  2. Are you a current member of ADRP ? Yes What is your name? (IC) Danny Rogers What is your discord username? LightningJet#7467 What is your age (IC AND OOC) IC: 26 OOC: 15 Do you speak and type fluent English ? (Select one) Yes What is your preferred department? Los Santos Police Department What 10 codes do you know? 10-4: acknowledged, 10-8: going on duty, 10-7: going off duty 10-90: bank robbery, 10-80: car chase Why do you want to join the San Andreas Dept of Public Safety I would like to join the San Andreas Department of Public Safety because I have always wanted to see what it would be like to be a cop. I also am on the server most of the time during my day, I am on when there are upwards of 10 cops, and later on when there are almost none. I would like to be able to help the police force a bit at times when there are almost no cops in the city. I have also been RPing in FiveM for over 2 years, and been on this server for around 6 months, and I have never been a cop and I think it could be a interesting experience.I have also been an EMS in a past server, but it has been almost a year since I last RP'ed as a medic. What can you bring to the Police Department? I can bring more cop RP to times where there are little to no cops in the city late at night to the early morning. SCENARIO: You're on a 10-11 (Traffic Stop) and you're stood at the drivers window and you're about to write him a ticket. The passenger of the vehicle exits the vehicle and draws a gun on you, the passenger orders you to walk back to your vehicle and handcuff your self to the wheel. What would you do in that situation? (Put as much detail in as possible) In this situation, I would do what the passenger tells me to do, until I get to my vehicle. When I get to my vehicle, I would get in, close the door, but I would not handcuff myself to the steering wheel. When/If they drive off, I would chase them in my vehicle, but cautiously, because the passenger is armed. I would not tail too closely behind because the passenger has a firearm, and he could attempt to shoot me. I would immediately call backup and give the fellow officers in the RTO my location. If they crash or get their vehicle disabled, I would get out of my cruiser, and get behind it, and tell the criminals to exit the vehicle with their hands up. If they get out and try shooting at me, I would try to find better cover, shoot at them, and wait until backup arrives. If they do not start shooting at me, I would chase them down with my taser and attempt to taser and handcuff them. If they got away, I would patrol the area for a bit longer in hopes that they would still be around. If I do not catch them, I would issue a warrant out for their arrests, If I got the plate number of the vehicle they got away in. SCENARIO: You have initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle, you clocked the person going 100 MPH down the freeway with your radar... The person disagrees with you and says that they were not speeding. What would you do in that scenario? (Put as much detail in as possible) In this situation, I would tell the man who I am pulling over, and tell them that he was indeed going 100 miles per hour, because the speed camera does not lie. If he continues to tell me that I am wrong, I would go back to my cruiser to check the speed camera/radar again. If the speed camera still says 100 miles per hour, I would then tell him that I double checked the radar, and that he will be receiving a citation for going 15-30 over the speed limit, because he was on the highway and the speed limit for the highway is 75 miles per hour, and if I was feeling generous, I would lower the citation to 5-15 or even give the person a verbal or written warning. If I ticketed him, I would tell him to pay the citation whenever he has money or time. SCENARIO: There is a 10-90 (Robbery) in progress at the Pacific Standard Bank, there is a black BMW outside that is unlocked, you have confirmation there is no hostages or weapons. There are 6 officers on scene including yourself, plan how you're going to handle the situation. (Put as much detail in as possible) In this situation, I would have either myself or one of my fellow officers place spike strips around the vehicle and near the entrances. I would also go around the bank and look for any more cars or bikes possibly in the bushes, and place spike strips around any vehicles I find. I would attempt to negotiate with the robber(s), and would try to convince them to come out with their hands up for a lower jail sentence. If I successfully convince them to come out with their hands up, I would tell them to go into first person, put their hands up, and walk backwards to the sound of my voice, and when they get close enough, I would tell them to stop there, and get on their knees. I would then approach them and handcuff them, and clear the bank cautiously, making sure their is no one else in the building. I would then make sure all the spike strips are 100% removed, and take the criminals to the Mission Row Police Department to book them for their crimes. I would not forget to give them a reduced sentence since they cooperated. If they did not cooperate, however, and if they started shooting at us, I would attempt to get immediate cover, and start firing at the bank. If we can not kill or injure them, I would try to get permission from one of the higher up officers to tear gas the bank. By clicking YES or NO, you acknowledge that you have met all the word requirements for the application. Yes
  3. LightningJet


    cant use more than 1 lockpick on a vehicle, if the first one breaks it says "you are already using a lockpick" when you try to use another.
  4. Recently bought the 2017 camaro zl1, the model name is cczl i believe, every time i respray it any color, it resets it to the stock color, blue, every time i pull it back out of the garage. Tried changing the livery, didnt change anything besides some black stripes on the hood/roof
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