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  1. ScottyBugatti

    zip ties

    everything works with zip ties up to the point where you need to cut them off. they do get cut off with the pocket knife but you need to fully relog into the server for the zip ties to actually go away completely.
  2. Year 2017 Make Toyota Model GT4586 Pictures http://www.speedhunters.com/2016/11/ferrari-engined-toyota-gt86/ https://images2.sw-cdn.net/product/picture/710x528_23146508_12762151_1524232430.jpg Budget 20 Special Requests Engine Rims Exhaust Roll Cage Body kits Additional Notes willing to spend more yellow tinted headlights https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/toyota-gt86-super-tuning-add-on
  3. ScottyBugatti


    I would love to see the trunks get more attention, things like the vehicle inventory saving when its stored in a garage, being able to put people in the trunk and/or getting in and out of the trunk yourself. I feel the trunk should need to be opened through the vehicle K menu first for said actions to be possible, maybe something like the Shift+E sitting function. e.g. Shift+E on an open, unlocked trunk will take you in and out the trunk. Use the gang interaction menu to drag>put in/takeout of trunk. I'm not sure if something like this is in our reach but i think it could change things up a bit and add more depth to certain scenarios.
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