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  1. the car Garage when driving in doesnt face you the right way so while driving in it spins you around to the exit, can the spawner be spun around so you face the right direction. Also when the location was moved the clock in and fridge doesnt show up anymore can we get them back? If at all possible can a spot be put in at the Bahama Mammas as well? will make opening each club up easier.
  2. We should have another used car lot, there is a good auto lot on RT 68 across from the mod shop an next to the bank an clothes shop. the current lot is full and it would be nice to have more out in the county.
  3. Have you served as EMS on ADRP?: No What is your steam name?: Offatoken Whats your discord name?: |U-42| Deputy I Victor O'Connor What is your in-game name ?: Victor O'Connor What is your age?: 40 What is your gender?: Male Do you have a working mic?: Yes Do you have access to Discord?: Yes List the 10-codes that you know: 10-1 Negative copy 10-4 OK 10-9 Repeat 10-100 Officer down 10-31 Crime in progress 10-32 need additional 10-11 Traffic stop on such street location 10-57 hit an run 10-80 Chase in progress 10-90 Robbery in progress What is RDM? : Random Death Match is when one person starts targeting random people seen an killing without provocation. Define Roleplay : Treating each interaction within the game as you would as a real person, not referring to things in technical terms and finding real world ways to covey what is happening. What can you bring to the LAPD: A dedicated Officer that wishes to help and protect the Citizen of Los Santos. I wish to bring criminals to Justice. I have many years a different role play a wish to add this to my talents. As a former Marine I am dedicated to my tasks. Why do you wish to become an officer for American Dream (120 Characters): I currently have just been accepted into the US Marshall program but would also like to have a relative that works in full on law reinforcement work. I would like to work as a State Trooper to patrol the hwy and insure safety for all. Before the wipe i saw lawless run rampant around an i would like to give my helping hand to help contain others lawlessness. Anywhere from random traffic stops to drug busts to robberies these are what i would like to start as, but i would like to maybe work my way up the ladder to SWAT or something like that with some of my military history. Even in the real i wished to be a Cop but due to injuries i wasnt able to chase that dream. 1.)If you are in a situation where someone pulls out a gun and tells you to get out of your car and drop your gear what do you do?: If possible i would silently alert other officers to my situation, but either way after that i would comply the value of life is more then someone driving off in my car that a APB can be put out for once all parties are safe. 2.)You are in the middle of a traffic stop, and are about to write the guy a ticket when one of his friends comes up and holds you at gun point what would you do/say?: Place hands up, "what do you want?" "what can I do to resolve this?" do what is needed at that point to save all lives in question. once the target has fled put out a APB with description of the perp. 3.)You are at a vehicle checkpoint. A car comes through and does not want to give you their license. How would you handle this situation?: I would explain that if asked to produce a ID they are required to provide said papers or be taken in for proper identification, if they continue to refuse i call a supervisor for assistance. List you Jurisdiction Preference: LSHP, LSPD, BCSO
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