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    1. Toria


      Los Santos customers Jet´s flying low in the country side! 


    1. Toria


      One of the beauty things in on this Adrp server 


    1. BigT1221


      Hi toria i updated my application with my converted hex have you gone over it again ? or do i need to redo the application?? 

  1. Toria


    * the vu still needs to be split up with tequi-la-la * and the spawn for cars at Tequi-la-la dosen´t work if you go to the circle at tequi-la-la and pick a car it will spawn at vu in sted of tequi-la-la even tho i took it out from there. * a alcohol store near tequi-la- la other then i think it is fine
  2. People are having problems with storing some of there cars in the garage and then i makes a duplicate.. and it is coursing textur problems.. and for the mechanic we can´t deliver or trucks so we are kinda stock with them, and it is coursing problems. And it is not all cars staff are able to dv to help the texture problems!
  3. i was looking around, and found this one and i really think it would be a grat place for a lot of rp moments! https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/beach-party-life-guard-station-improvements
  4. Toria


    More Clothes to the people in game!
  5. Toria


    The paycheck system dosen´t work, either for mechanics or bar people. they get no pay checks after clocking in
  6. Toria


    Like you guys already know i have bin working sins start to get this bar, up running. And now that i´m able to hire people and sell alcohol, i would love to be able to not have to share whit VU and not be on watch for my bar is getting rubbed every time we are trying to open it and make some good rp. So I have a couple of things i would like to get fixet, for the bar. also It is really hard to make a handbook whit rules, that the staff can´t hold because that the things dosen´t work, the why it should at the bar. so it will be much appreciated if you guys would look in to, the things there need to be done. i know you guys are busy whit a lot of stuff, so i really hope you guys can find some time to help me getting my bar up working. ❤️ The list there need to get fixet at Tequi-la-la: Backdoor needs a lock Door to the basement needs a lock The clock out system dosen´t work you get transform to another character! There are to safes there needs to be removed so people can't rob it. one in the entres and the one down in the basement! When i take out a Tequi-la-la vehicles it spawns at VU needed to be fixed so it spawns at Tequi-la-la! ( if it is possible to get the parking lot behind the bar to work that would be cool) And get Tequi-la-la and Vu separated so we cannot see each others staff and things. (i sometimes see that my staff get fired from people at VU, and they have nothing to do whit tequi-la-la. And if possible make some places to by alcohol for the boss and manager near Tequi-la-la right now it is all near VU. A teleport to get in to the minibar upstairs A sign on the map where the bar is located A Atm near the bar or in the bar A place where we can store things, and don´t share it whit VU
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