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  1. @JordanRodriguez Application Denied. You're not bringing any unique roleplay. You're just saying that you wish to rob and kill people.
  2. @Joel Case Jr Used car dealership is currently being re-worked on and will be public. Application Denied.
  3. @ShowkeenJatt Feature Request.
  4. @Joel Case Jr You can RP this job without the whitelist job. Ask a Admin or Mod to assist you with getting a hearse. You may RP this job.
  5. @pax Approved.
  6. @Bizle Gray Application Denied, You said you were a Member of ADRP. Please reapply with the correct info.
  7. @BENBOWE100 Application Denied. Did Not meet the desired requirements.
  8. @dardaljar App denied Poorly written, Extreme lack of details.
  9. On hold, For seperation of bars.
  10. @Joseph Pole Gang denied. Didnt pass the vote.
  11. @Daniel.B Word requirements not met as per the application directions. Please reapply.
  12. @Lala App denied, word requirements not met. Please reapply and follow the directions on the app.
  13. @Luis_Sims Since you are not a member of the server you need to put forth more effort into the application in details of the scenarios. First scenario. You need to value your life. Please refer to the server rules. Second and third were good. Just add more details. App denied
  14. Nick

    Bounty System

    This is a ticket for Hawaii from the April 27th meeting to look into and add the bounty system that was discussed.
  15. @Niveous App denied. Word requirements not met. Please put forth some effort into the application.
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