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  1. Have you served as EMS on ADRP?: Yes What is your steam name?: [1F6-86] Cadet Teo [8S-82] Whats your discord name?: Tafia #3137 What is your in-game name ?: Brandon Teo What is your age?: 16 What is your gender?: Male Do you have a working mic?: Yes Do you have access to Discord?: Yes List the 10-codes that you know: 10-0 10-1 10-2 10-3 10-4 10-6 10-7 10-8 1-9 10-13 10-20 10-22 10-23 10-32 10-41 10-42 10-45 10-50 10-51 10-52 10-59 10-60 10-70 10-72 10-76 10-77 10-79 10-85 10-96 10-97 10-100 What is RDM? : RDM in short is Random Death Matching whereby a player shoots or assaults another player for no rhyme of reason (eg. Walks up to to one without saying anything, pulls out an automatic pistol and shoots you before one can respond) Define Roleplay : Roleplay is re-enacting of a character as if he/she were in real life where it is to be handled exactly like what you would do in real life on the server. What can you bring to the LAPD: I am a quick learner and interested in anything aviation related, I do flight sim when I am not on the server and am on hours when many are asleep in the states. I am located in Singapore GMT+8. As such Why do you wish to become an officer for American Dream (120 Characters): I wish to work my way up to being a Sheriff/Lieutenant and fly Air One since I have always been interested in how they operate and are able to respond to calls within seconds, regardless of the distance. Being an EMT, I always enjoy jumping into PD RTO and listening to the intense roleplay the team has. 1.)If you are in a situation where someone pulls out a gun and tells you to get out of your car and drop your gear what do you do?: I will obey the person's orders and drop my gear unless I find an opportunity to catch him off-guard. I will especially do so when other citizen's lives are in danger. 2.)You are in the middle of a traffic stop, and are about to write the guy a ticket when one of his friends comes up and holds you at gun point what would you do/say?: *Puts hands up* "I'm here just to do my job, I'll let your friend go, just don't go round speeding again if you can.." *retreats to vehicle and gets to safe distance before calling it in* 3.)You are at a vehicle checkpoint. A car comes through and does not want to give you their license. How would you handle this situation?: I will block the vehicle infront by using my vehicle or when spike strips are fixed, lay one down infront. I will then proceed to run the license of the vehicle and call for backup if required. If no other units are available, I will proceed to reason with the driver. If I suspect something is wrong, I will order him out of the vehicle and search him only if I have reasonable suspicion. List you Jurisdiction Preference: 1.BCSO 2.LAPD 3.SAHP
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