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  1. Currently, rappelling is implemented in certain helicopters but the jayhawk does not have much use other than staying airborne during Search & Rescue Cases. With a hoist, a rescue swimmer could be deployed and recovered along with the victim/survivor. Much RP can be added to just a single helicopter. Coordination can make for great RP scenarios
  2. USCG boats have no sirens like in real life and it's not possible to get the attention of other vessels
  3. I attempted to land a helicopter at one of the many refueling points across the map for helicopters but there is no prompt to refuel and the helicopter can only operate till it runs out of fuel. A little annoying
  4. When headlights are toggled on the vehicle, be it day or night, the texture lights up indicating the headlights are on but they do not actually shine and illuminate other objects infront even with high beam on, it's just the texture of the lights that are working.
  5. The doors do not unlock, and neither do we have access to operate them. This makes getting on/off duty/equipment impossible. Secondly, we're not able to bring anyone we arrest into the station for processing
  6. Though born in California, this citizen of the United States of America, has descendants originating from Asia. His ancestors relocated to the states in hopes of joining the film industry in Los Angeles. Hayley, unlike his sister, who decided to pursue acting as a career just like their parents, wanted to do something more, to serve the country and community. In September 2012, Hayley was enlisted into the military as a recruit. After being deployed to a base overseas for 3 years, he returned and decided to transfer to the Air Force and trained to be a helicopter pilot. His life changed drastically after he learnt about the rising need to combat drugs and increasing criminal activity in his hometown of Los Santos. Hayley desperately wanted to do something about this pressing issue before it spins out of control. Hayley backed out of actively serving in the armed forces and was put on standby as a reservist of the United States Military. With his military background, he applied to the Los Santos Police Department and was drafted into the academy. Currently a cadet undergoing training, he is fully committed to upholding the law in his beloved city and hopes to put his military experience to good use in specialised fields within the department.
  7. @Hawaii_Beach I'm not sure if this code will help. It seems like it still has been yet to fix, maybe worth a try. Completely up to your discretion. -- Add to client lua script for flightinstruments. Right at the very bottom Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Wait(0) if IsPedInAnyHeli(PlayerPedId()) then DrawFlightInstruments() end end end)
  8. Many times, in small boats, it is impossible to stop it from drifting hundreds of metres away from the spot it parked once the player steps away from the wheel. In real life, boaters often tie their boats to other boats or hold on to the edges of other boats like in the case of Coast Guard boarding inspections. It is near impossible to stay in one location after constantly being pushed by the water with no means of stopping it except for staying on the wheel.
  9. The Coast Guard has its fleet of vehicles, be it land, sea or air. However, it is extremely difficult to operate without a moderator or administrator available to help. Just like the US Marshals, Local and State Police, I hope the Coast Guard will be given access to spawn our own vehicles from the police garage. I have written the following code to be used if needed to help make it possible. --Add the following to client main.lua file in esx_policejob, Not sure which lines as it could be different if additional code was added for ADRP. Code should be in order. elseif type == 'boat' then shopCoords = Config.PoliceStations[station].Boats[partNum].InsideShop local authorizedBoats = Config.AuthorizedBoats[PlayerData.job.grade_name] if #authorizedBoats > 0 then for k,vehicle in ipairs(authorizedBoats) do table.insert(shopElements, { label = ('%s - <span style="color:green;">%s</span>'):format(vehicle.label, _U('shop_item', ESX.Math.GroupDigits(vehicle.price))), name = vehicle.label, model = vehicle.model, price = vehicle.price, livery = vehicle.livery or nil, type = 'boat' }) end else ESX.ShowNotification(_U('boat_notauthorized')) return end end -- else if part == 'Boats' then CurrentAction = 'Boats' CurrentActionMsg = _U('boat_prompt') CurrentActionData = {station = station, part = part, partNum = partNum} end -- for i=1, #v.Boats, 1 do local distance = GetDistanceBetweenCoords(coords, v.Boats[I].Spawner, true) if distance < Config.DrawDistance then DrawMarker(36, v.Boats[I].Spawner, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, Config.MarkerColor.r, Config.MarkerColor.g, Config.MarkerColor.b, 100, false, true, 2, true, false, false, false) letSleep = false end if distance < Config.MarkerSize.x then isInMarker, currentStation, currentPart, currentPartNum = true, k, 'Boats', i end end -- elseif CurrentAction == 'Boats' then if Config.MaxInService == -1 then OpenVehicleSpawnerMenu('boat', CurrentActionData.station, CurrentActionData.part, CurrentActionData.partNum) elseif playerInService then OpenVehicleSpawnerMenu('boat', CurrentActionData.station, CurrentActionData.part, CurrentActionData.partNum) else ESX.ShowNotification(_U('service_not')) end -- Add the folllowing to locales en.lua ['boat_prompt'] = 'press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to access the ~y~Boat Actions~s~.', ['boat_notauthorized'] = 'you\'re not authorized to buy boats.', -- Add the following to server main.lua elseif type == 'boat' then local vehicles = Config.AuthorizedBoats[jobGrade] local shared = Config.AuthorizedBoats['Shared'] for k,v in ipairs(vehicles) do if GetHashKey(v.model) == hashKey then return v.price end end -- In addition, it would really be appreciated if weapons available to Sergeants & above of local and state police are added to the armoury for DOJ Coast Guard as it currently is not available. This would include the carbine rifle, smg, gas, sniper rifle etc. Location for boat spawners can be at PaX Heliport and around the fishing pier near Grapeseed where fisherman embark on their boats. Spawn Codes: Defender (Patrol Boat) - 'defender' CB90 (Tactical Patrol Boat) - 'cb90' Jayhawk (Coast Guard Helicopter) - 'jayhawk' CL145 (Sea Plane for SAR Cases) - 'cl145' Tahoe (Land Unit) - 'cgtahoe' Thank you for taking the time to read this. It would certainly be a great addition to the server.
  10. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS I have no microphone. Can I still join the server and RP? No, you cannot. The server rules state that you MUST have a working microphone in order to role-play on the server. How do I become a member/get whitelisted? You can apply to become a member of the ADRP community in the Discord and on the server by applying here: https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/1-whitelist-application/ It is recommended that you have spent some time reading through the rules and be familiar with how to role-play. After submitting the application, please allow for 24-72h for processing. How can I become a police officer and/or a paramedic? Both these jobs are considered "Whitelisted Jobs". You may apply for them via the website. After submitting the application/s, please allow for 24-72h for processing. SADPS Application: https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/2-police-department-application/ SAFD Application: https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/application/form/3-san-andreas-fire-department-application/ Where do I get a job? The job centre, the 'I' on the map near the mechanic shop on Alta St. How do I do my job? Here's a job guide that is constantly being updated that you can refer to: I crashed/lost my car/had my car destroyed and it isn't in my garage, how do I get it back? Go to the impound. There is more than one, use the menu right of you map to find it. You have to pay $3000 when requested to in order to get it back HELP! Each time I hit play on the character selection screen, I am stuck with an infinite loading circle. Make sure the date is keyed in correctly: MM/DD/YYYY How do I get a gun? Go to the Ammu-Nation store marked on your map. Enter it and buy a gun license. It will then unlock a list from you to select from. However, there are other ways... What are the speed limits? Anywhere within the city, it is 45mph, 55mph in the counties and 75mph on the highways. What's the use of being whitelisted on the server? It makes you eligible to join a gang and certain whitelisted jobs. When the server is whitelisted for a short period of time after a server crash/restart, and/or during periods of extremely high traffic/demand, you will then still be able to join. What are the jobs available on the server? Public Jobs (Anyone can use): Fisherman Hunter Lumberjack Miner Meat Processor Tanker Taxi Driver Fashion Designer Ocean Salvage Whitelisted Jobs: SADPS (police) SAFD(ems/fire) SecuroServ Car Dealer PaX Air Lawyers/Judges (Bar-License Certification required through a test) Mechanics (O' Connor's Towing) Reporter/News Agency (eg. Weasel News) USCG What are some important keybinds I should know? F6 brings up your phone K brings up your interaction menu F3 brings up the list of players on the server and shows ID's above heads of players nearby U locks/unlocks your personal vehicle G while beside a vehicle gives you access to the trunk of the vehicle T opens up chat windows /report in the chat opens up a report window to contact an administrator/moderator F5 puts on/takes off your character's mask B makes your character start/stop pointing /die makes your character die instantly X puts your character's hands up ` Changes your voice range. (For American Keyboards, it's the Tilde Key) How can I check the rent of each and every property available for rent? Here are the prices on the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10PkvOjXifsrAsHhwW_e1QQfcRXG2WQ9woiAAzllgH_g/edit?usp=sharing I bought a gun recently but after I re-logged, it is gone!? Re-log again, but this time, sit at the character selection screen for at least 30 seconds before pressing play. What's the best public job available? Fisherman. On a full run, it can net you 25 grand. Be sure to keep it in your bank as soon as possible or you might get robbed! Can I fly a helicopter/plane anywhere/anytime I want? No, you cannot. You must be FAA certified by paying for the lessons provided by PaX that cost $100,000 for scheduled lessons and $150,000 for unscheduled ones. If you're already certified, make sure you're in the voice channel "ATC" whilst you are flying or you WILL get shot down Do I have to re-log to change my character? Yes. My textures are not loading, what do I do? Go under GTA Settings and set your "Textures" to "Normal" How do I clear my cache if I am told/need to? Find you FiveM folder, open the" FiveM Application Data" folder and remove the "cache" folder and the file "cache.xml" Can I watch an ADRP stream while RP'ing? No. Not if you're on the server. What happens if I cannot join? It gives me a "Connection failed after 3 attempts" and I've tried many times. Restart your computer I have a Character API error while trying to load into my character Keep trying, it should work after a few tries Help! I lost my guns after I logged in You are loading into too quickly. Relog, but this time, wait at the character loading screen for at least 30 seconds before hitting ply on your character. THIS TOPIC WILL BE UPDATED CONSTANTLY PLEASE CHECK #rules IN DISCORD FOR THE RULES OF THE SERVER
  11. He's role-play keeps me engrossed. His voice he puts on while on his character with a big, burger mask is incredible. Extremely fun to be around. Deserves this NR role
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