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  1. Since the last update today, getting in ANY vehicle will break your microphone. You will not be able to push to talk or voice activate. Seems to only affect the driver. Relogging does let you speak again until you get back into the driver seat. Again, this is all vehicles (PG cars, job cars, planes, boats, etc.). Edit: Seems to be hit or miss for many people. Issue for some, not others. It also seems like some people can hear you while others cant. For some, like me, it makes the game unplayable.
  2. I'm sure you can find somebody in the Discord to help ya out :D
  3. Can't get in this...
  4. When cashing in, your character gets stuck like this and an admin needs to freeze-unfreeze you to move again. Edit: Upon further review, if you open the animations menu and choose to cancel the animation, it does resolve the problem.
  5. There are many instances where new players don't know the rules or controls to play and usually, they find the server before the discord. Can we add the rules and common controls/tutorials on the loading screen? Or even make a screen before you select a character that's similar to accepting terms and conditions where you have to read everything to continue to select a character? Some way to put the rules and common controls in the face of new players instead of them asking in OOC all the time?
  6. Fieri

    Ansley's Air Clock-in

    Clock-in circle is now missing for Ansley's Air
  7. Fieri

    Ansley's Air Job Menu Hotkey

    Fixed per Hawaii 👍
  8. Fieri

    Helicopter Camera Angle

    Problem was recently resolved
  9. Since the new update like an hour ago today, the camera angle when in 3rd person is stuck facing down. When in a helicopter, the camera is always looking down at the blades instead of out front. Impossible to fly in 3rd person. Might be the same for planes but I only tested it on 3 different helicopters.
  10. Ansley's Air invoice button is till F6 and not ALT. F6 is the phone which makes navigating the phone or the invoice menu a challenge. Please change to Left-Alt like other jobs.
  11. Many helicopters cannot be refueled after spawning in. Refueling station says "not a good place". Two examples are the Ansley's Hawk and Sparrow. There are more though.
  12. Server population listing ie F3 menu the Icon is now missing from this Menu..
  13. Goodbye EMS, hello the sky! #AA

  14. Fieri

    FD Heli Spawn

    We keep losing our EMS helicopter. Please add it back so we can spawn it and use it. We have been without it for months.
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