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  1. Have you served as EMS on ADRP?: No What is your steam name?: DzizzleDawG What is your in-game name ?: Eric Skrogenski What is your age?: 24 What is your gender?: Male Do you have a working mic?: Yes Do you have access to Discord?: Yes List the 10-codes that you know: 10-8(in service) 10-9(repeat) 10-4(Acknowledg) 10-42( end of duty) 10-41( begenning of duty) 10-80 ( Chase ) 10-7 ( our of service) 10-20(location) 10-50 (accident) 10-28 (Vehicle Information) What is RDM? : random death match Define Roleplay : to act out a character What can you bring to the LAPD: i can bring a realistic approach to policing, i am calm, and level headed in bad situations, comming spetember i am going to be taking classes for criminal justice, working to become a cop irl.. i have done alot of research and know my stuff pretty well Why do you wish to become an officer for American Dream (120 Characters): to get a better feel for codes, and interation with people. i plan on being a cop irl within 4 years 1.)If you are in a situation where someone pulls out a gun and tells you to get out of your car and drop your gear what do you do?: call for back up(panic button if u guys have it) , get out of my car, stay calm , take notes of who they are what they are wearing and delay them as long as possible, when it comes down to it my life is more important than some gear 2.)You are in the middle of a traffic stop, and are about to write the guy a ticket when one of his friends comes up and holds you at gun point what would you do/say?: Call for back up if possible, take note of who they are, ask question and comply, my life is more important than a traffic stop. ask who they are, what they are doing, if it can be solved anyother way other than getting shot. 3.)You are at a vehicle checkpoint. A car comes through and does not want to give you their license. How would you handle this situation?: explain during a traffic stop the driver of the car must provide license to an officer, and it is umlawful to not, if it further escalates. if he still refuses detain the idividual for further questioning and possible patdown to find his id
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