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  1. Give US Marshalls the ability to track a phone number with a blip popping up every 60-75 seconds. ONLY MARSHAL'S! This will make the job for them. If other departments get the ability to do this i can see it being heavily abused and being an issue. Marshall's need something to actually make their job something worth doing. Its to hard for them to track people down and make arrests. This will give them a new way to do things.
  2. What is your in-game name ?: Fatlace What is your age?: 23 What is your gender?: Male Do you have a working mic?: Yes Do you have access to Discord?: Yes List the 10-codes that you know: no Rdm no VDM always roleplay What is RDM? : Killing someone without acting out any interaction. or VDMing. i.e. Randomly killing another player Define Roleplay : Acting out different roles and playing them out, hence Roleplay What can you bring to the LAPD: More consistent officers who will uphold the rules and laws Why do you wish to become an officer for American Dream (120 Characters): I think it will be fun honestly... ive always looked for a good "cop" game and i think i finally found one 1.)If you are in a situation where someone pulls out a gun and tells you to get out of your car and drop your gear what do you do?: Comply, if i have a disadvantage. If i have an advantage, like a car in between me and them, i might defend my life. 2.)You are in the middle of a traffic stop, and are about to write the guy a ticket when one of his friends comes up and holds you at gun point what would you do/say?: "take it easy guys, you dont want to do this..." try and calm the situation down, to a point where i can call in backup. 3.)You are at a vehicle checkpoint. A car comes through and does not want to give you their license. How would you handle this situation?: Not sure of the actual rules in dealing with this to be honest... but i would notify a higher up and allow them to judge and make a decision
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