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  1. What is your in-game name ?: Ethan Lewis What is your age?: 31 What is your gender?: Male Do you have a working mic?: Yes Do you have access to Discord?: Yes List the 10-codes that you know: 10-100 = Officer down 10-7 = unavailable/Off duty 10-8 = available/on duty Code 1 = No lights Code 2 = Lights, no siren Code 3 = Lights and siren Code 4 = Situation clear What is RDM? : Random Death Match Define Roleplay : Roleplaying is creating a character within the world and staying within character reacting as your character would in given circumstances. It also means to act out anything that may occur to your character (i.e being shot in the foot) What can you bring to the LAPD: I believe that I'm a good team player, a fast learner, a good driver, a good heli pilot, and my experience working in the SAFD/EMS department would help out on the field. I am determined to be the best police officer I can be, and make sure that our city is safe. Why do you wish to become an officer for American Dream (120 Characters): I originally wanted to join SAMPD when I discovered American Dream, but decided to give SAFD a shot since I saw that they needed people. I've enjoyed my time working as an EMS, but after a co-worker made the switch from SAFD to SAMPD and expressed his experiences to me. It brought back the original desire to want to be part of the PD. I want to protect our city, and make sure that everyone obeying the law. I will try my best to become a great asset for the department. I also from my experiences dealing with the PD believe that a lot of the PD is pretty cool, and capable. 1.)If you are in a situation where someone pulls out a gun and tells you to get out of your car and drop your gear what do you do?: If possible I would try to keep the RTO held so that my co-workers could hear what was going on and try to get a description of where I was located. I would delay best I can and comply with the suspect. If they get away immediately give an accurate description of the suspect and direction of where they were heading. 2.)You are in the middle of a traffic stop, and are about to write the guy a ticket when one of his friends comes up and holds you at gun point what would you do/say?: I would do the same as 1) specially since dispatch would be aware of the stop to begin with. I would try to stall as best I could, saying as much information as I could over RTO without the suspect catching on. 3.)You are at a vehicle checkpoint. A car comes through and does not want to give you their license. How would you handle this situation?: I would request an additional, and ask dispatch to look up the vehicle to see if it was stolen. If the suspect refuses to identify them self I would attempt to bring them in.
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