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  1. Chubbs

    Jobs redone

    We notice that jobs are a bit boring with the point A, Point B, Point C, stand in circles thing. We are redoing all the jobs to be more simulative and more fun to do and less of a boring afk grind.
  2. Chubbs


    Share some pictures!
  3. Chubbs

    Jewelry Heist

    Highly requested
  4. Chubbs

    Ban appeal/ ban appeal not working

  5. Chubbs

    Lewis Holmes

    Great story, I hope he can find what he's looking for!
  6. Chubbs

    Player ID's

    Yes this will be implemented!
  7. Chubbs

    Car Garages

    To continue on this. The server they play on has lambda menu and they don't actually get to own the vehicles, they just spawn them in with the menu and rp as they are selling them.
  8. [quote='Lt. Riggins' pid='8009' dateline='1533228866'] Discord Name: jack (Lt. Riggins) Why should I be chosen: Over the past 2 months that I have been here at ADRP I have grown to not just love the RP in game but the community itself, I desire to contribute more to the server, to assist it in growing its community and keeping in game RP top notch. I feel with this job I can do just that. I have experience deving, I dabbled in modeling vehicles and static objects on Arma 3 along with doing texturing for some basic clothing and vehicles. I feel with some added training I will be able to meet all standards to assure that the job is completed above expectations. Thank you for your time. - Lieutenant Riggins [hr] [/quote] I will be interviewing you today, be active on discord! [hr] [quote='Ry4n' pid='8192' dateline='1534207268'] Discord Name: Ryan Why I should be picked: I have been apart of the american dream community for about 11 months now.I am always wanting to learn new things when I grew up I want to be a Realestate developer so this job really fits to want I like to do and what I want to do in my future. , I have always had a knack for taking premade. I have an eye for adding lots of detail into a house not use doing something cookiecutter. I would be focusing on this as my main Rp along side being a realtor. [/quote] I will be interviewing you today, please be active on discord!
  9. Chubbs

    Ansley's Air

    What kind of updates are you wanting? If you mean dev updates please check announcements on discord.
  10. Chubbs

    Rework Bank Robberies

    it already does, but they have to be clocked in for it to count. and unrealistic as the same bank getting robbed after every 10 minutes?
  11. Where did you get selling houses from this thread?
  12. You ever want to spice up your roleplaying and actually make something come to life? If so this business is for you! This job will work close with realestate agents and their customers. When someone becomes a home enthusiast the realestate agent will get details of their customers dream home and it'll be your job to build it! I dont mean using your animations and selecting jackhammer, i mean actually build it to their liking to how many bedrooms they want to how many couches there are. How do you ask? By me teaching you the basics of how to use a map editor which brings me to my next point. This isnt for everyone, and some requirements will have to of been met. They are below [list] [*]20 hours freetime in 1 week (7 days) [*]The drive to learn something new [*]Member application accepted [*]Ability to work as a team [*]Creative [/list]To apply just simply make a post on this thread with your discord username and a reason explaining why you think you should be picked. Thank you
  13. Chubbs

    Police Undercovers

  14. Chubbs

    Player blackout from accidents

    I looked at the script and honestly it is terrible. and would black out cops and the people when getting pitted.
  15. Chubbs

    Ambulance Menu

    This will be implemented tomorrow, can you see if fashion designer is still giving you same issue and if it is please press f8 right after you select worker clothes and take a picture and post it here

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