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  1. Why do people always reference nopixel lmao quit it
  2. Mine is better, since I am working again it should be out soon
  3. Chubbs

    Ocean Salvage

    is this fixed?
  4. Changed status to Invalid
  5. Chubbs

    ATM Dealership

    Changed status to Fixed
  6. Chubbs

    ATM Dealership

    This is fixed, just wait for a restart.
  7. Chubbs

    House door error

    White can fix this, change the exit position please white
  8. Chubbs

    Walk through some walls

    Need to take out, benchpress and chin ups.
  9. Despawning cars is messing up
  10. *it happens when someone has their hands up while being cuffed.
  11. Please use the report a player form and tell us who it was that way proper judgment and punishment can be used.
  12. 2019-07-21 Added repair kits
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