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    Bus Driver. From the bus depot near Strawberry and LS Freeway. Drivers get a bus and are assigned 1 of several routes. These routes would move all around LS and Blaine. Each route is in a specific order and require the driver to wait 30-45 seconds before moving to the next stop.. Each Route would have 15-20 stops to complete. Meaning 1 route should take roughly 15-20 mins to complete. This would allow for a public transit system to be in effect around the city.
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    Though born in California, this citizen of the United States of America, has descendants originating from Asia. His ancestors relocated to the states in hopes of joining the film industry in Los Angeles. Hayley, unlike his sister, who decided to pursue acting as a career just like their parents, wanted to do something more, to serve the country and community. In September 2012, Hayley was enlisted into the military as a recruit. After being deployed to a base overseas for 3 years, he returned and decided to transfer to the Air Force and trained to be a helicopter pilot. His life changed drastically after he learnt about the rising need to combat drugs and increasing criminal activity in his hometown of Los Santos. Hayley desperately wanted to do something about this pressing issue before it spins out of control. Hayley backed out of actively serving in the armed forces and was put on standby as a reservist of the United States Military. With his military background, he applied to the Los Santos Police Department and was drafted into the academy. Currently a cadet undergoing training, he is fully committed to upholding the law in his beloved city and hopes to put his military experience to good use in specialised fields within the department.
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    2019-10-05 Added usmarshal job logo to the ui Given doj job access to police doors Given fib access to robbery notifications Fixed judge teleport permissions in the court Added coastguard, fib and doj jobs to police armory
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