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    Please see referenced hyperlink for the Handbook. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XGX9aZB9eN63OSHcuIfI2GkGSxFubMAXL5GwaiE-ma4/edit?usp=sharing Thanks for your review!
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    Can you please add trailers that can be bought/registered? It would be pretty fun to be able to tow around some atv's, dirtbikes, motorcycles or boats. or even allowing for a large car trailer that we can pull a car or two into that can be towed. We have several trucks that support towing, but nothing to really use them with, the AI trailers despawn after a time
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    I understand this might be a difficult situation to rig, but the sandy shores hospital right next to the police station could REALLY use an interior even if its a teleport one. It really breaks RP as an EMS when I have to bring people to a back door and just make them stand there staring at a wall until they feel better. Thank you
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