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  4. Joe Barber


    The Tattoo's havent been showing up, since the server got moved up in slots. Also when we had about 4 people in the tattoo shop getting tattoo's it bugged out. There were tattoo's that showed it was going on the fore-arm, but in reality it was going on top of another tattoo on the bicep. So hopefully one day, you guys can implement Tattoo removal. There is a handful of people i know that have brought it up (In Game) that were accidentally placed, or placed on top of another one. Thank you
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  7. yeet yeet gang gang

  8. also add a notification when money gets deposited into the account
  9. Bennington

    Weazel News Scripts

    Can this get added in for weazel news https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-weazel-news-camera-and-mic/116118
  10. Ashember

    Company Icon Missing from Server List

    Server population listing ie F3 menu the Icon is now missing from this Menu..
  11. Goodbye EMS, hello the sky! #AA

  12. accept me!

  13. Chubbs

    Jobs redone

    We notice that jobs are a bit boring with the point A, Point B, Point C, stand in circles thing. We are redoing all the jobs to be more simulative and more fun to do and less of a boring afk grind.
  14. AyyDynamic

    FD Heli Spawn

    We keep losing our EMS helicopter. Please add it back so we can spawn it and use it. We have been without it for months.
  15. Ashember

    Marshal Job

    also the Marshals MDT is broken
  16. Ashember

    Finishing off Ansley's Air

    Most of this has already been run past Chubbs and either discussed or on the original wish list.
  17. Ashember

    Finishing off Ansley's Air

    1. Change billing to Alt Key away from F6, for Ansley's Air. This has caused danger to the crew in flight. 2. Add a wide variety of Aircraft to purchase by the employees. 3. Give the crew chief role ability to repair aircraft. 4. Add radar blips for aircraft as to help ATC and Flight Ops/Pilots/Sales to better do their jobs 5. Add a PG at Sandy Shores Airport. So that players will use the air service more often. 6. Is it possible to get an ATM at the Airport? For people to withdraw money for tips and employes and deposit paychecks 7. Change hired position from COO to Sales when Hired. When I hire someone they are automatically promoted to COO. 8. Add Ansley Hawk to Fueling Stations, as it is now out of fuel after one run around the map and needs to be refueled. I can not take this aircraft on long flights due to its gas-guzzling nature with no refueling stations.
  18. wer710

    Savings Bank account

    similar to what we have here on the website that gains interest over time but you have to pay taxes when you take money out from that account
  19. as the title says add the ability for salesman and management to assign houses
  20. Uncle Larry

    Bounty Blips for Marshall

    Give US Marshalls the ability to track a phone number with a blip popping up every 60-75 seconds. ONLY MARSHAL'S! This will make the job for them. If other departments get the ability to do this i can see it being heavily abused and being an issue. Marshall's need something to actually make their job something worth doing. Its to hard for them to track people down and make arrests. This will give them a new way to do things.
  21. StunnedPanda

    Gary Winthorpe

    I love seeing gary on the server 🙂 he's always doing wild shit, you can never really expect what he's going to do next.
  22. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/gQdXsY I mainly use it for editing tho so it's all good :)
  23. Chubbs


    Share some pictures!
  24. Jones

    Cop Animations

    a /radio command that makes your character hold the radio animlib = random@arrests anim = generic_radio_enter and/or radio_chatter a /holster command that allows the character to hold his/her holster whilst walking up to a vehicle for example. anim = reaction@intimidation@cop@unarmed and reaction@intimidation@cop@unarmed
  25. Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right category but I tried to choose the closest one for this. Anyways my ban appeal was accepted over a month ago and I'm still banned. I contacted every admin including WhiteHat the owner and still banned. He said he would unban me but that was 2 weeks ago. I have been very patient as I have been waiting for over a month now and I still can't log in to the server due to being banned. If someone could please help me get unbanned, would love to start playing again.
  26. Jones

    Tackling Script

    police, state, sheriff & usmarshal able to tackle criminals in a foot persuit. Maybe something like this: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-ktackle-tackling-for-police-officers/117438
  27. James Martini

    Marshal Job

    Marshals are unable to put players in vehicles or take them out. Marshal armory is broken.
  28. Nick

    Fix PD helo spawn

    Fix PD spawn on the roofs.
  29. The seatbelt got reverted to the previous version, the old progress bar & cannot toggle seatbelt whilst moving.
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