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  2. 2019-12-09 Bullet casing now drops on the ground and can be picked up by police Blood now drops when you are shot and your blood can now be analyzed Police will now be able to investigate scenes and call EMS in to help assist in the investigation.
  3. Yup. One of the Best RolePlayers in the City!
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  6. 2019-12-08 The fishing job has been completly reworked. You now have to aquire your own boat, and drive to the available Fishing Spots around the map. Once there you must drop a fishing net and wait for a fish to be caught. Once you've caught enough fish you must craft an camp fire in order to cook all your fish. Head over to the crafting station and use the following recipe: 4x wood to craft a camp fire. Once you've placed down your camp fire in an allowed location (for example near the beaches) you can cook your fish by simply using them, standing close to a warm camp fire. All fish can be sold at the Meat Market for $$$ Snowballs damage nerfed DMV school no longer accepts taking credit, and made the theoretical test harder to complete Being a garbage man no longer requires you to take the job at the job center, and same goes for being a fisherman Failing a test in the dmv school will result in a 10 minute cooldown Police config modifications
  7. Guest

    The last 2 reports

    My discord name is Thiccy_WhiteBoy#4266
  8. Guest

    Everything Disappeared

    I got logged out for being AFK and when I flew in I had been "reset" to what I had before my last session. I have 2 witnesses and I had at lease 1.8M in bank, a new gun, and my new car. Now everything was "reset" to what it was before my last session and I don't have anything from the last session. I have exactly 369 fish that I sold to "yngmyke" and A truck I sold to my buddy and its not there for him anymore. To reasons to prove it was reset.
  9. Flaxan

    Car HUD

    From fivem forums. just a bit of QOL if we would add it to ADRP. https://github.com/bepo13/FiveM-SimpleCarHUD an imagine of the look can be found here. https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-simplecarhud-standalone-car-hud-for-speed-fuel-seatbelt-cruise-time-and-location-v1-30/451750
  10. I think it would be really cool to allow people getting married to change their last name, only those getting married to avoid it being abused potentially?
  11. Unfortunately you can't refuel the boats. you'll have to keep putting the boat away and taking out another one until you get one with sufficient fuel @MatteyMcfly
  12. This would be a nice way to fix the issue of where peoples heads explode and they got locked out of their cars. If it is possible it would be nice for your cars to have a set pin code that you set for the specific car when you buy it or something a long the lines of that. That way if your game crashes then you can still get into your car with the pin. I know that you can call a mech to do a lock pick on it but they usually don't respond.
  13. I would like for everyone to be able to change their nick name in discord. The reason being for me personally is that I play on a lot of different games and I am in a lot of different discord servers. It would helpful so if I joined the VC or talked in the text channels people can know who I am in RP.
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  15. Guest

    Seatbelt On/Off

    Can we add some type of marker for our seat belt and maybe change the keybind to B, because I feel like with control s people always forget and go flying out of their car. If you guys like the idea maybe add the marker at the bottom left near the map where all the other stuff is like your money etc.
  16. Freddie Brown or known as Kevin has very fun and interesting character. Every time I role-play with him I always have a good kick out of it. And I believe this is the same with other people as well.
  17. This is something you download on your end not server side. But here is a download link https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11442-realistic-taser/
  18. The Coast Guard would actually be the people who would be responding to sea rescues/pirates. They currently have low numbers and any help would be nice. If you would like to help feel free to apply here https://forms.gle/9kS6VXbzvsocjYC99
  19. Would be very helpful actually, have an option to click on the name and pop up the warrant with whatever information the officer put into the warrant.
  20. I want to become a mechanic 

  21. Guest

    Random death

    I flew out as usual, and when I came back it says I had a force respawn because I flew out as I was down. I wasn't doing anything dangerous when I flew out or was I around danger. And I lost everything I had. about 140k dirty money, 70k cash and 1000 fish + my pistol. I lost everything and now I am trying to get it back but i'm not sure how but I don't want anyone to witness this too.
  22. Nice, Thank you!
  23. @Hawaii_Beach Re-opened. Look at changing it to a Red icon or Tick mark. Green icon or tick mark. This is actually a good idea and will reduce a good bit of issues.
  24. Hey, I'm new to the city. I took a fishing boat out and snagged jerry cans back in the city. Now I'm trying to do a second run but can't figure out how to use these stupid cans to refuel the boat. Can someone help me out?
  25. A new non white-listed job that allows players to spawn either a tractor trailer or mule in order to make run across the map. It would work similar to the garbage truck job but more spread across the the state of San Andreas. Not sure if it’s possible to implement being able to drop a trailer off at one location and pick a new one up somewhere else, would be very extravagant extra to the job and make it more realistic. Currently the Highway Patrol is bringing back its D.O.T program which would be rendered useless unless a job like such were to be implemented. I rarely see people driving big rigs around unless it is one of the nicely spawned in Peterbilts. It would also make purchasing the CDL license from the DMV actually mean something rather than just having it for nothing. Lastly this is more or less just an extra that would be interesting to have. Weigh stations where trucks would have to pull into during their runs and provide paper work and licensing. The other outcome would be facing penalties for skipping the station or not having the proper documents for your job. I can go a lot more in depth with this if it’s accepted/pending and would love to hear feedback / other people’s opinions. Discord - Trappah#8544
  26. 2019-12-01 Enforce character unique name Improved vehicle labels, which are shown in eg garages (later the same day) fixed garbage job Fixed dealership memory leak by not unloading unneeded models Fixed dealership vehicles that don't despawn. This happens when the code is still waiting for an vehicle to spawn, and you try to switch vehicle Fixed joining transition, blame fivem 😄
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