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The following are the server rules! Please follow them as closely as you can. They can also be found on discord under the #-rules-.

***•No metagaming/breaking rp***
-Do not go out of character in voice chat unless stated otherwise by an admin, don't use OOC knowledge to benefit you IC

***•Play realistically***
-Don't do things you wouldn't/physically couldn't do in real life
-Don't take cars off ramps or jumps

***•No MilitaryRP***
-Unless stated otherwise by an admin for a certain event

***•No cop baiting***
-Don't intentionally get cops to chase you

***•No advertising***
-Whether thats a website url in your name, or you are typing in chat, do not do it unless otherwise told by staff

***•Keep RP in RP***
-Linked to metagaming, what happens in RP happens in RP, dont bring inside troubles out, or vice versa

***•No VDM/RDM***
-VDM stands for Vehicle Death Match. This means killing someone with a vehicle or using a vehicle to fight or kill someone with no rp. IE Driving through Legion Square just to run people over is not rp, that is VDM

-RDM, Likewise to VDM it means Random Death Match. This means killing someone with no reason or rp. IE Running up to someone and randomly punching them to death with no rp is RDM.
•No Kidnappings unless
-There are at least 4 Officers online
-There are at least 2 EMS online

***•No Driving or Stealing Emergency vehicles if you are not an Emergency Service person/persons***
- You can not steal an ambulance or cop car unless you are a cop or ems

***•No Mod Menus***
- Or any such means of injecting, stealing or altering values, content or scripts.

***•No abusing or using of exploits.***
-If you find a bug, report it, don't abuse it. If you do abuse it you are running the risk and high possibility of a ban, or at the very least a full character reset.

***No Terroristic/extreme RP***
-You can not rp as a terrorist
-No Rape RP

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